Monday, September 24, 2018

Android Securities App Don't Touch My Phone

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Android Securities App Don't Touch My Phone. अगर कोई और आपके फोन को छूता है तो उसकी तस्वीर पर क्लिक किया जाएगा|

Android Securities App Don't Touch My Phone

Android Security App Don't Touch My Phone:-

Do not touch the Android security app on my phone. If someone else touches your phone, the picture will be clicked on. Are you worried that someone is trying to tamper with your smartphone? Here's a simple solution. Use the third eye and easily catch all the mobile snoopers. Third Eye App will reduce your work to catch up with your friends and family while trying to reach your mobile. The third eye will take a picture while someone tries to access your mobile with an incorrect PIN, pattern or password. You can catch snoopers red hand using this app. It offers great facilities.

Features :
1. The app automatically takes a photos while someone enters the wrong PIN, pattern or password.
2. Notification about wrong attempts while unlocking the lock screen.
3. The last unlock time feature will show you the last lock screen unlock time. With it, if you use your mobile without your knowledge, you can easily find it.
4. Detailed snapshot of mobile snoopers.
5. Highly customizable settings.

Note: To uninstall the app, stop the detection of intrusion in the app and uninstall the app. Otherwise, you can use the uninstall option available directly within the app and please share.

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