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What is CAPTCHA? Why is this used?

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   What is CAPTCHA? Why is this used?

Hello friends, if you are an internet user then you must have seen CAPTCH or reCAPTCHA when logging on the Internet or running the normal or something like this (I am not a Robot) It will be thought many times about what it is like how it is used if yes and if you want answers to these questions, then you will come to the right place, because in this post you will find some similar questions What is CAPTCHA such answers will? Why this is used and how it works, if you want to know the answers to all these questions, keep this post forward.

What is CAPTCHA?

What is CAPTCHA? Why is this used?

Friends, CAPTCHA is a kind of code, or is a kind of puzzle that is designed to protect the software and services related to the computer from spammers and bots. The full form of CAPTCHA is "Completely Automated Public Turning test to tell Computers and Humans Apart" which means in simple language, a self-test that can be used to find out if there is a machine (computer) given to this test or There is a person so that the computer can be saved from the bots and there will be no hacks and any type of links.

The CAPTCHA code was introduced in 2003 by some computer experts Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas J. Hopper and John Langford. There were many reasons for the making of CAPTCHA, one of which was that at that time many boat companies of big companies were increasing their boat attacks on services such as email service and hackers.

Because of this, many companies suffered heavy losses due to them, but after the arrival of CAPTCHA, a lot has been improved, so that security has increased and bot attacks have declined significantly.

Types of CAPTCHA:

Basically there are many types of CAPTCHA codes, and companies keep making them with their own calculations, but now we will talk about some types that are used nowadays, let's know about them.

1.) Text based CAPTCHA:

This type of CAPTCHA gets us to see anything because it is very simple and safe, in which you get to see the text in the form of an image which is written in ajeeb manner, so it does not have computers or bots Find and can not pass this test while humans pass it easily.

2.) Image based CAPTCHA:

Image based CAPTCHA Most of us see when using Google's services, because Google uses similar CAPTCHA. You may have noticed that many times you have a check box of "I'm not a robot" in front of you and once you click on it, the image of an image opens in front of you, which you have to solve according to the given instructions. As you are sometimes asked to find street sign in it.

3.) Other Puzzle CAPTCHAs:

Apart from these, there are many other types of puzzles like CAPTCHA, like CAPTCHA to select friends from Facebook or CAPTCHA with any secret questions. Apart from these, you will also find many types of CAPTCHA, which are making our systems and the Internet more secure nowadays. 

Why is CAPTCHA used?

As we have already come to know that CAPTCHA is a mechanical program that is used to increase our security even further. Before the beginning of CAPTCHA, many big email services, online databases and any online service on which accounts are created or data is stored in the database etc. The attacks caused by bots or computer programs were greatly increased. Programs were created by hackers who used to create an account on the Victim website and create their own account, after which they would later add malicious code to it All data were steals while these given everything CAPTCHA designed.

We still use CAPTCHA for these things, which is a very important thing.

How does CAPTCHA work?

Here's a point to think about why CAPTCHA is able to solve a human being and why not a machine or a bot, the answer to this question is also very simple that in this we do not take the direct text that machines are copied Paste it or something like that but the image is used in it, in which the text is written in a pattern that is very easy to understand, but not the machine or computer. In addition to Text Book, other than CAPTCHA verification, we use different types of things, such as in the image verification, the user is given a solution, which is to be resolved according to the above given query. Only humans can do the machine.

How to solve a CAPTCHA code?

How to solve a CAPTCHA code

As you know, the CAPTCHA code always comes randomly, which is not very difficult to solve, but still it is a tensioned task but it will not solve the problem of tension but you need to solve it, you will be able to solve it quickly because it It does not matter so much, it is very simple but if you do not understand a code at a time, you can request a second code.


Friends, the CAPTCHA code is used for our security, so that whatever data we have on the Internet can be safe and no bot or machine can do it. But if you talk about futures, then only the CAPTCHA code is not enough for us, because there are a variety of new algorithms and programs coming in everyday, which have the potential to solve the CAPTCHA code to a great extent. If this continues, then in the future CAPTCHA The code will be made more advanced which will be quite different from our thinking.

Friends, I sincerely hope that what you wrote by me is CAPTCHA? Why is this used? This post must have liked this and what is this? Why it is used, answers to questions etc., and if you think that this post may have worked for your friends, then share it with them too.

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