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What is WWW? What is the meaning of World Wide Web?

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      What is WWW? What is the meaning of World Wide                                              Web?

What is WWW? What is the meaning of World Wide Web?

Hello friends, you know if you run the Internet, you must know about WWW or if you have seen it before, but have you ever wondered what this is, what does it mean, if yes, then you are absolutely Come to the right place, because we will talk about what is the use of the WWW for what is used for it, keeping all these questions in mind, let's move forward on their answers.

Friends, WWW is also known as W3 or Web, it connects all the resources available on the Internet, other documents and users via HTTP or the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. WWW can be called a container or an Information Space in which it has kept all the documents and resources, and each of these resources or documents is given a unique address which we call the URL, an example of the URL http: // www. After where the name of the http protocol is, the WWW is identifying the World Wide Web and then URL is the Uniform resource locator. This URL is pointing to a resource placed on the World Wide Web It is still happening.

Apart from this, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) also has a definition of WWW which is as follows -

"The World Wide Web is the universe of network-accessible informations, an embodiment of human knowledge".

Which means "World Wide Web is a repository of information that can be accessed through a network and is the only person of human knowledge."

Resources on the World Wide Web mean that any web page or Hypertext Document that is in any way linked to another Web page or hypertext document, is keeping Web Pages or Documents on multiple Web Servers and it is Web Server Connected to the Internet, we use a special protocol HTTP and Internet to connect to the World Wide Web.

History of the World Wide Web:

History of the World Wide Web

WWW i.e. World Wide Web begins. In the 1980s, when the famous computer scientist Tim Berners-lee had seen the vision of his global hyperlinked system to be true, few years later in Europe about 1985 Global Internet was started to be created properly and with this, DNS (Domain Name Server) or domain name system also came into being, followed by the first successful IP connection between Europe and North America in 1988. This was an entirely new beginning for the Internet, some data was sent through this IP address connection, and likewise both the Internet and the World Wide Web came into existence for the first time and since then we have introduced new changes and Ramnakk You are coming to see things and keep looking forward.

What is the difference between WWW and Internet?

> WWW and the Internet are two separate things but because both things are related to each other, so many people are confused about it. So let's know about them and remove this confusion.
Internet is a world-wide form of computer that spreads across the entire world, through which we can connect to anyone and get information through it. We use the internet to help us with the help of the bottom fiber optics Which helps us connect with each other. If you do some searches on Google then you are using the internet and after the search you can see the data that is accessible from the bottom of the ocean itself. whereas,

> WWW text pages, Hypertext documents, music, audio, video, etc. are the information space that we can access through the Internet. All the data coming into the World Wide Web is placed on different Web servers to access We use the internet and likewise the WWW is dependent on the internet. There are several sari websites in the WWW which have different types of data, if the World Wide Web is called a book, then a page can be considered as a website.

How WWW works?
How WWW works?
If we talked about twenty-five or thirty years ago today, we could not get any information from anywhere, either for this we had to have a newspaper or go to the library and find information in the book itself but today we will only You can get all the information in one or two clicks only. It's all amazing, the Internet and the World Wide Web, now it is a matter of how all this system works, how we work in any of the World Wide Web How to access information from anywhere.

Or say how the WWW works, friends may have come to know that the WWW works only through internet. Whenever we send request to any document through URL, it goes through the internet and the document can reach us through internet only.

Whenever we send a request for a document, it is through the Request Internet that the document is found on the entire World Wide Web, we send the request in the URL form and that address is converted to the server's IP address through the Internet. And then the requested document is found in the server and sent to the client's web browser, and then it is converted to a human readable format by falling through the browser.

Some points related to the WWW (Key Points):

The full name of the WWW is the World Wide Web.
All Documents, Hypertext Files, Audio, Video, etc. are placed on the WWW internet group of data.
WWW can be called a part of the Internet.
The WWW was started by Tim Berners-lee.
The WWW started in the 1980s.

To access any document that is placed on the WWW, we have to use the URL.

Friends, I hope you have a WWW written by me. What is the meaning of World Wide Web? This post will have been liked about this and you have got to know a lot about what the World Wide Web is and what its uses are. If you feel that this post can be useful to your friends, then you must share it with them so that they too can learn something about it.

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