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How To Install Samsung One UI Launcher On All Samsung Galaxy Phones

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How To Install Samsung One UI Launcher On All Samsung Galaxy Phones

How To Install Samsung One UI Launcher On All Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung is one of the leading smartphone makers, producing tons of smartphones in various price segments. And as a Samsung product in the smartphone line-up, they come with clear Samsung's own user interface which is known as "Samsung Experience", which was previously "TouchWiz". Despite good hardware specifications, users complained about the bloatware, slow performance in the phone, and therefore Samsung introduced it with the Samsung Experience. Recently, Samsung launched its new Forest UI. And this article is about everyone, how to set up the Samsung One UI launched in the Samsung Galaxy phone.

In a recent developer conference from Samsung, he presented his latest "One UI", which is considered more materialist and light compared to previous versions.

Presented Samsung One UI had a pleasing interface that was liked by many people in the community and therefore it was in demand by many Samsung Galaxy users. According to the new Samsung One UI Samsung, it is very sophisticated and optimized and therefore it is given a lot of attention. One UI should be rolled out through OTA updates through mainstream main devices like S9 / S9 +, S8 / S8 +, Note 8, Note 9. It will be based on Android Pie so that users can expect optimization of some Android tie features.

However, Samsung has not confirmed any news related to budget and old equipment to get new forest UI, so here's a quick tutorial, how to install Samsung One UI.

First look of Samsung One UI Pie Launcher

How To Install Samsung One UI Pie Launcher On All Samsung Galaxy Phones:-

  • Download the APK file of Samsung One UI Launcher.
  • Open the downloaded file, and install it.
  • Allow if necessary.
  • Now, you are good to go.

The launcher will be installed as a standalone application with your launcher and after navigating in the house, the user can choose which launcher to use as the default launcher. There are some nice features that come in the launcher, and it is very easy to use. All settings can be turned on by going to "Home Screen Settings" Enjoy your new Samsung One UI Launcher
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