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How the world knew about zero

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How the world knew about zero 

How the world knew about zero

How much has given the world to Hindus and Hindu culture! Hindu culture has its own special pride. With the churning of ancient texts of Hindus today, there is hope of getting much more. Blessed are Hindu and Hindu traditions.
Imagine if you can do mathematical calculations without zero! Yes, you can do it, but his method will certainly be very tricky. But many thousand years have passed without zero. People would have known that they had nothing, but they did not have any mathematical indication for nothing.
Who has invented zero and when it has been hidden in the pit of darkness till today, but in the whole world the fact has been established that the invention of zero was invented in India. Such stories are prevalent that for the first time zero was invented in Babylon, and for the second time people of the Maya civilization invented it, but the invention of both times was unable to influence the system and the people of the world forgot them.
Then in India Hindus invented zero for the third time. How did Hindus go about zero, it still has unanswered questions. Most scholars believe that zero was invented in the middle of the fifth century.
According to the Internet's largest encyclopedia 'Wikipedia'
"In 498, Indian mathematician and astronomer Aryabhatta said, 'place place to be done', to keep it (zero) in front of it (zero). And perhaps this would be the origin of the decimal theory of the same number. The numerical system of mathematical astronomy 'Aryabhatiya' composed by Aryabhatta contained zero and specific signals for that (for this reason they got the opportunity to display the numbers in words). In the ancient 'Bukshali' script, whose exact time has not been fixed till now, but its time is definitely ancient since the period of Aryabhatta, zero has been used and the sign is also definite for it. It is clear from the above quotations that in India, the use of zero was used even earlier than the time of Brahmagupta.
"The first obscure use of zero and the decimal theory of numbers has been found in the Brahmasutta theory written by Brahmagupta. Negative numbers and algebraic principles have also been used in this book. Seventh century, which was the period of Brahmagupta, thoughts related to zero had reached Cambodia and it is known from the documents that later it spread from Cambodia to China and other Muslim world. "
This time, zero invented by Hindus in India influenced the number system of the whole world and the whole world was informed that the meaning of zero is 'nothing'.
Arab countries based in the Middle East also obtained zero from Indian scholars.
Eventually this zero of India reached zero in the west in the twelfth century.
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