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I got more Instagram Followers? Here are the Best proven and successful organic strategies

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I got more Instagram Followers? Here are the Best proven and successful organic strategies

I got more Instagram Followers? Here are the Best proven and successful organic strategies

Instagram is currently the child of the social media scene. Its popularity is on continuous growth, and in the middle of last year, the implementation of Instagram stories has only increased that fact. This week- he announced the addition of his latest facility, IGTV; Add long format video to the list of the Canon-DOS platform.

To make the most of this powerhouse platform, more eyes on your content will be better. However, building on a large scale that is not included with you will in fact negatively affect your ability to leverage the platform.

There are such strategies that you can use to maximize your followers, while attracting only your ideal audience, make sure that you are busy working after having an interest in your content - and it will take you a little longer Except does not cost anything.

Follow these New Strategies and see your followers incresing:-

1.) What you have to Post:-

Are you using your account for business? Then you have to know what your viewers want to see. Consider your ideal customer, and find out what their interests are; What are they passionate about and what do they like to do in their spare time? These are the types of topics to be searched on social media.

I always make sure to post about dogs, travel and foreign cars because my ideal customer is interested - and I just like those things too.

We like to connect with people who are like us, so using your subjects to find interesting things will tempt them to follow you.

2.) Use Always popular Hashtags(#):-

Before posting your photo or video, find relevant hashtags on Instagram. Once you start typing your search, you will submit the relevant hashtag and with the right you will see the number of posts related to that hashtag. Use the tag with the highest number of tags!

Another great way to get eyes from people who are not following you on your posting is to use a hashtag on time. By this I mean that there are some popular things in the moment, such as a TV show premiere, major sporting events or holidays, to name a few ideas.

Overloading your post with a hashtag may be something that you are deliberately avoiding but this is the reason why you are not following. It may seem like Overkill but try to hit at least 11 hashtags per post with the goal of 30, which is the maximum for Instagram; This increases the amount of potential engagement you have. Posting with 11 hashtags or more, 100% of 1,00 followers can earn more engagement.

If you are in danger of using a hashtag, download App Focalmark. It uses authentic user data added to learning machine to help you gather the most popular and attractive hashtags.

3.) Location tag always:-

Whenever you are posting and whatever post you are posting, add the most relevant geotag. This is a great way to get in front of local users; Whenever someone sees the positions related to that place, they will see you!

79% more engagement can earn compared to those without posting with a place. Geotag is viewable at the top left of your post, below your handle.

4.) Rector your content:-

Create a content calendar specific for your Instagram. Using scheduling tools like Planoli, Shadgram or justpult, you have plans for the week, or the whole month. Each of these scheduling tools comes with a free trial, so test it and see how easy posting is done regularly!

This will allow you to ensure that you highlight those specific piece of pieces or events at the top of your lists, and whatever you post out of those things, they will be complementary to your social marketing.

5.) Always Chat with your Followers:-

When someone comments on your post, become human, do not say 'thank you' only when they take the time to talk with you, talk to your audience. Human Connection is not an Instagram hack, but it makes a big difference when it comes to user engagement.

However, there is a hack here: the faces in them are 38% more which are connected without them.

6.) Always Stay connected:-

This means do not talk to people commenting on your post; Start commenting on others' profiles! Social media is a two-way street; The more affiliations you show outside your content the more your handle will be seen and the more potential followers will see you.

Find out the accounts of individuals within your target audience and some of their pictures. It may seem weird but it has turned into a science. For every 100 choices given, Neil Patel found that you get 6.1 returns.

7.) Follow the creators which are in your niche:-

In doing so, you will get the content and post motivation and also know what your viewer wants to see. Join these accounts and you will see as much as possible by your ideal followers.

However, be careful not to hijack your post by trying to promote yourself; Being authentic! Open opportunities for cross-promotional posts between you and your industry colleagues.

8.) Always do Cross promotion:-

Be sure to include your Instagram handle everywhere; On your website, in your Facebook profile, on your business card ... everywhere. It is likely that you have been on other social platforms for a long time and are able to develop a strong audience in these places, so tell them where you want to get on Instagram.

If you can not find them then you can not follow anyone!

9.) Always Best Feeding your followers:-

Do not let your followers get into that friend from the high school that you were sticking but now when you run each other in the supermarket, the weather is limited to strange conversation.

Just because you have earned a follow up does not mean that it is permanent. You should reply back to those followers, posting regularly and being authentic.

10.) Best Incentivize with giveaways:-

You know what your viewers want, so give a gift where users have to tag a friend, in order to win, you have to follow or have to tag tagging. Make sure that whatever you are offering is particularly relevant to your audience, so you do not end up with a million unlimited number of users who plan to follow the second part of the competition.

This will provide you user-generated content while spreading your reach to the viewers of each participant.

11.) Always Use interesting stories:-

Posting is still the primary function of the forum, the stories are seen much more and get more engagement than any other feature.

They are located at the top of your Instagram feed and the process of posting them is very simple; Swipe right on your Instagram home screen and you will be asked to either take a photo or upload from your camera.

12.) Always Share UGC:-

Another great way to be connected with your audience is to share user-generated content. If a customer came in your brick and mortar and took a picture of something he bought or within your store, share it! Take a screenshot and post your post. Tag them and thank you for stopping them.

Consumers are 7x more likely to buy from their affiliates brand, so the content created by happy customers can be used for your following and your business.

Test these strategies on your Instagram account and start leveraging all those instagrams.

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