Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The most amazing online teachers to study Internet development

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The most amazing online teachers to study Web development

The most amazing online teachers to study Web development

Over the past few months, I have been on a learning spree to enhance my existing coding skills and to learn new programming languages and structures. In this process, I have seen countless video tutorials and online courses that are related to programming, in particular, web development.

In my quest to become a better developer, I have come across many awesome "teachers" who are not excellent programmers, but terrifying teachers and are an art of explaining complex and difficult concepts.

Learn the latest web programming with the best online teachers:

Attempt to highlight the best coaches on the internet for JavaScript, React, Redx, Node.JS, Firebase (database and storage), Docker, Google Gollong, TypeScript, Flitter (for Mobile App Development), Dart, Git, Webpack. is. And Parcel Bundler

I have taken courses through each instructor (PDF) mentioned here and highly recommend them.

Language / PlatformTeacher / Course
React.jsStephen GriderRyan FlorenceScott TolinskiElijah ManorBrian HoltDave CeddiaKirupa ChinnathambiAndrew MeadMaximilian Schwarzmüller,
Advanced JavaScript / ES6 / ES2017Wes BosMark ZamoytaTyler McGinnis,  Mosh HamedaniKent C. DoddsKyle SimpsonKyle Robinson YoungBrandon MorelliCody SeibertAnthony Alicea
Redux Bucky RobertsCory HouseDan Abramov , Shaun Pelling
Dart & FlutterStephen GriderMaximilian SchwarzmüllerFilip & Emily FortunaMary Xia & Matt Sullivan,
Docker / Kubernetes Stephen GriderJames Lee , Jake Wright
Webpack / Parcel web bundler Sean LarkinPetr TichyBrad TraversyMax Schwarzmüller,Andrew MeadLawrence Whiteside
Node.js Anthony AliceaSamer Buna,Maximilian SchwarzmüllerStephen Grider,  Andrew MeadAzat Mardan
Git & GithubDaniel ShiffmanTrevor MillerAlex Garret-SmithTom Preson-Werner
Go Language Jon CalhounHarrison KinsleyTodd McLeodStephen GriderDerek Banas
TypeScriptTodd MottoJohn LidquistBasarat Ali SyedMarius Schulz
Firebase / FirestoreTodd KerpelmanSteve KinneyDavid EastDoug StevensonShaun Pelling
Google Chrome Dev Tools Umar HansaJon KupermanPaul IrishSurma,
GraphQLAndrew MeadStephen Grider
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