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Backup Easily Your Photos AND Videos from any Android and IOS devices to Your Windows,Mac or Linux Using DAEMON SYNC

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Backup Easily Your Photos AND Videos from any Android and IOS devices to Your Windows,Mac or Linux Using DAEMON SYNC

Easily Backup photos AND videos from any ANDROID and IOS devices to Your Windows,Mac or Linux with DAEMON SYNC

DAEMON Sync is a tool created by DAEMON Tools Developers, which allows users to back up files on desktop from mobile devices to local wireless networks.

The application is free to use but is not free and open source software, and it has two parts: the server that you have to install on your computer, available for Linux only (available deb files), Windows and Mac OS X, and Mobile App, which runs on Android and iOS.

Damon makes sync both interesting and useful in different situations, it does not require much configuration and data transfer is done on your local network (which can be used for security / privacy reasons along with transfer speed and Is good for the fact) without using third party servers, it requires a working internet connection to use is).

In addition, the app allows multiple devices to be backed up on the same computer and you can browse files that are supported from your desktop, any of them can be connected via DAEMON sync (you Choose which device is allowed to do this).

DAEMON is more than the backup compared to sync sync tool. This is because it does not see your files and constantly synchronizes them, and instead, it comes with a configurable sync interval, which is set to 15 minutes by default, (also on demand can go).

In addition, the only way to add files to your mobile device through DAEMON sync is to put them in a directory called "Sync folder", which makes the app on both your mobile and desktop and can not be changed.

However, according to developer comments posted on Google Play, two-way sync is currently in development, so it should be available at any point in DAEMON sync.

Regarding DAEMON sync, think of your family phone video and photos as an easy way to backup on a single desktop computer, all of them are accessed from every mobile device, with the DAEMON Sync Server app Was added, even without internet connection. As you are connected to the local network, obviously).

If you want more flexibility and options, including being able to sync files on many desktops, etc., "traditional" solutions with BTSync and Syncthing are dropbox clear options, but an easy photo / video for desktop backup solutions. Mobile runs on your local network and does not require internet connection to work, daemon sync works very well.

Install daemon sync:

Download DAEMON Sync (available for Linux: 32 and 64 bit deb, Windows and Mac OS X / iOS and Android)

To use DAEMON sync, you must install the iOS / Android app on your mobile device and the server application on your Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows computer.

Note: .deb is very badly packed, so you will not be able to install GDebi - Ubuntu Software Center, dpkg, through command line etc. to install it. Also, once you install it, you will not get DAEMON sync in the menu, however, you should find a shortcut on your desktop. You can also access it directly by typing "localhost: 8084" in the web browser.

It is also important to mention that on Linux, the default storage folder is "/ Media / DAEMONSyncStorage /", and within this folder you will find "Sync folder" which allows you to easily sync files back to your mobile device. . This folder can only be modified by root, so you should change its permissions (for example, you can change the owner using chown: "sudo chown sudo chown -R $ USER" / media / DAEMONSyncStorage). Hopefully this will be decided in the future. Demon Sync Release
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