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Easy Backup Pro for Android

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Easy Backup Pro for Android

Easy Backup Pro

The description of Easy Backup Pro:

Easy Backup Pro Apk is an application that Permit you to restore deleted videos and pictures.
Easy Backup Pro Apk also helps you to recover your deleted Data's, conacts and your smartphone messages.
Easy Backup Pro gives you the possible chance to save all your files in the phone memory, in your SD card or in your Dropbox.

☆ Features:

● Backup and Restore
✓ Call records
✓ Calendar
✓ bookmarks
✓ Dictionary
✓ Contact
✓ Applications

● Backup and restore to / from
✓ SD Card
✓ Gmail
✓ Dropbox
✓ Google Drive
✓ onedrive
✓ Box

● Schedule automatic backups or manually create backups
● View backup content
● Send to backup content
● SD card backup applications,onedrive, Box , Google Drive,Dropbox 
● Backup data and restore app (Need Root)

● Batch restore apps (Need Root)

Your Call Log, MMS, SMS , Favorites, Dictionary, Calendar and Contact data is stored in CSV format, EML format and VCF file:

Sms, Journal,Favorites , Calendar, Dictionary -> CSV file format
Mms -> EML file format
Contact -> VCF file format

Actually, Backup consists of that kind of files that are inside a zip archive and you can easily play these files in your phone or your computer!
If your Smartphone has a built space, the default (Native) backup location will probably be the internal storage card and not external storage. This happens because the phone notifies storage in that way.

Remember that our team will Also make possible efforts to facilitate the use of our products.

Team Free Apps Pro Ltd.

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