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How to Burn CD/DVD Without Any Softwarev

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How to Burn CD/DVD Without Any Software

How to Burn CD/DVD Without Any Software

Hello friends today, we will teach you how to write / burn any CD / DVD without any Burning Software in Windows, just by following the steps.

What is Burning a CD / DVD?

Burning is a colloquial term that means to write down content  content to a CD, DVD, or different recordable disc. DVD and CD drives with recording capabilities (sometimes called DVD or CD burner) etch data on the disks with a laser.
Burning a CD / DVD in easy words means putting a file or folder on a CD or a DVD.

What is Live File System?

Live File System is a term that Microsoft company uses for Microsoft Windows Vista and later versions to create Packet Writing Method and Discs, which allows files to be incrementally added to the media.

Steps for burning or writing a CD / DVD in windows without using any Burning software:

Step 1: First, put a Blank CD / DVD in the CD / DVD Drive of your computer or Laptop, in which you have to enter data.

Step 2: Then click on the Start button on your computer or Laptop and open My Computer.

Note - If you insert Blank Cd, you will get two options to burn before, the first of which will be Burn files to disc and the second will be Burn an audio CD and if you insert a Blank DVD then you can burn only one option Will come to burn files to disc

Step 3: Open Disc Drive after opening My Computer. Here we are using Blank CD.

Step 4: When you double click on the disk drive, a dialog box will open in front of you how you want to use this disc. There will be two options for burning disc. Select the type of file you want to burn, and then click on Next Button.

A) Like a USB Flash Drive - With the help of this option, you can delete, edit, save data in your disk at any time, but you can then use the disc only on computers, after which any of the following Windows XP OS and which supports the Live File System. Select this option only if you want to burn a document or file. If you have a CD-R or DVD-R disc, then you can not use this option.

B) With a CD / DVD Player - With the help of this option you can not delete, edit, save the data present in your disk, but you can also use this disc in the CD / DVD Player. Select this option only if you want to burn an audio or video file.

Step 5: Then Simply drag and drop your selected data to the disc or Copy and then click on Burn Disc.

Step 6: After this you will open a Dialog box in which you must select Disc Title and Recording Speed. Note that if you select more Recording Speed ​​more then it will burn the data quickly, but the chances of having Data Loss are increased and if you select less Recording Speed ​​then your data will take a little time to burn but the data in it There will be no chances of being lost. Therefore, to keep data well, the Recording Speed ​​should be kept low. After selecting the Record Speed ​​Speed, you can choose to close the wizard after the files have been burnt. When your data is burnt, the Wizard will close itself or you can click on Next Button and then Data Burning will start process and then you will have to click on Finish Burning.

After this your data will be burnt in a CD or DVD and then you can see it running in your CD / DVD Player or Computer / Laptop.

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