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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Elon Musk says that the boring company tunnel beneath los angeles will now open on December 2018

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Elon Musk says that the boring company tunnel beneath los angeles will now open on December 2018

Elon Musk said on Thursday that an underground tunnel developed by his personally organized boring company will open on December 18 - eight days delay from the initial date.

The billionaire entrepreneur also claimed that the deferred date would be "more than opening a tunnel", which is "modded but totally pointing to road autonomous transport cars."

The tunnel in the southern suburb of Hawthorne in the Los Angeles area was expected to open on December 10 with a free ride for the scheduled public the following day. The high-speed transit tunnel can fly vehicles at a speed of 150 miles per hour from place to place.

Boring said in a separate Twitter post, the company requires "some more days to end the place of snails" and will provide details soon.

Billionaire Allen Musk's infrastructure and tunnel manufacturing company, Boring Company has achieved a breakthrough and completed the first trial tunnel of American city Los Angeles at the right time. This tunnel is being built to get rid of the city.

This information was given by Musk tweet on Saturday and shared a video of the digging machine. He said and in Written "Congratulations on completing LA / Hathorn tunnel to Boring Company. state of the art technology."

According to Electraque, this tunnel starts from Cranissaw Boulevard's Parking Lot and goes via the 120th route to the SpaceX headquarters.

As athe Media report said, "This boring machine only grows forward and makes holes in the ground and behind it the tunnel wall is constructed."

The boring company's Los Angeles trial date is just a month after the scheduled date for the opening of the tunnel.

Earlier in October, Musk had announced that the work of the boring company is almost complete and they will open the project on December 10 for the people.

According to Musk, the company will build a watch tower near the exit point of the tunnel, which is being made from bricks made from mud made from tunnel.

You can see Elon Musk Tunnel Explianed Vedio 
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Sunday, December 9, 2018

time travel to the past time travel theory time travel stories time travel possible time travel real time travel definition time machine invented albert einstein

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What is Time Travel?

What is Time Travel?

Rationally, we are always traveling with time, because we move forward in the future from the past. But time travel usually refers to the possibility of changing the rate at which we travel in the future, or completely reverse it so that we can travel in the past. Although after 19th century a conspiracy instrument (see section on time in literature), time travel has not been practically demonstrated or verified, and it can still be impossible.
Time travel is not possible in Newton's full time (we move firmly and linearly in the future). According to special relativity this is also not possible (we are interrupted by our light cones). But general relativity increases the journey (at least theoretically) of travel through time, i.e. the possibility of movement and / or further possibility of time, as a normal flow while looking at the earth independently, like That we can move between different points in space.
Time travel usually means that the mind and body of a person remain unchanged, their memories remain intact, while their place changes over time. If the passenger's body and mind returned to their destination at the destination time, then no time travel travel would be understandable.
Time Travel Scenarios:-
Although, primarily, apart from the HG Wells concept of a physical machine with liver and dial, many different speculative time travel solutions and scenarios have been further extended in the last few years. However, the real physical viability of these solutions in the real world is uncertain.
However, in addition to HG Wells, apart from the concept of a physical machine with liver and dial, many different speculative time travel solutions and scenarios have been extended in the last few years. However, the real physical viability of these solutions in the real world is uncertain.
However, in some scenarios, the possibility of real-time travel appears to be some scientific basis within the theory of relativity. Kurt Gödel showed in the early days of relativity, that there are some solutions to the field equations of general relativity that describe the space-times so that they can stop "curve like time off," where a personal timing-cone turns and its Closes in you, which allows the path from the present to the distant future or the past. Gödel's solution was the first challenge for the main idea of ​​linear time in the centuries, with most physics remaining. Based on an infinite case solution, an infinite, curved universe (we do not really find ourselves on a finite, non-rotating universe), the other time travel solution has been identified, after which an infinite, winding universe Not required, but they remain disputed.
In the 1970s, controversial physicist Frank Tyler published his ideas for "time machine", using a countless long cylinder that spin with its longitudinal axis, which claims that the laws of physics Will be allowed to travel back and forth on time without violating, although Stephen Hawking subsequently rejected Tipler's ideas.
In 1994, Miguel Alquebier proposed a hypothetical system by which a space shuttle will place a space contract in front of it and extend the space behind it, which will result in a faster journey and therefore (potentially) time It will be a journey, but then the viability of such a construction is prohibited by a "warp drive".
Other theoretical physicists such as Kip Thorne and Paul Davis have shown that a wormhole can theoretically provide an immediate gateway for different time periods in space-time, similarly the general relativity of the theoretical probability of the immediate spatial journey through Warmhole Allows. Vermilocks are short-cut via tube-conditase or space-time, where space-time gets so bad that it comes back on its own, another science fiction concept has created a possible reality of relativity theory. The drawback is that the unimaginable amount of energy needed to bring such type of workflow will be required, although in CERN, Switzerland, experiments are being done in view of the possibility of making mini-wormholes and mini-black holes on the particle accelerator. It seems that such a wormhole will immediately fall into the black hole unless some method of opening it is prepared (possibly the so-called "negative energy", which is thought to be theoretically possible, but which is still practically Is not viable) Stephen Hawking has suggested that the reaction in the sound like radiation will destroy the wormhole, which will not last long enough to use the machine. Actually control (and when) a wormhole emits and is another disturbance.
The possibility of another potential time travel, though some of the long shots related to the universe wire (or quantum strings), the long pieces of energy left after the Big Bang, thin but incredibly dense from an atom, which Weave through the whole universe. Richard Gott has suggested that if two such cosmic wires are close to each other or close to a black hole, then the resulting warship of space-time can be so serious to make a closed-time-like curve. However, the cosmic wire is speculative and the possibilities of finding such an event disappear (and, if it is possible, such a loop can be trapped inside a well-curved black hole).
Physicist Ron Mallet is looking at the possibility of using lasers to control the extreme levels of gravity, which can potentially be used for timely control. According to Mallet, spreading the beam of laser controlled light can lead to similar conditions in the rotating black hole, with its frame-dragging and potential time travel properties.
Other times are looking for quantum mechanics for travel solutions. In quantum physics, the effective meaning of proven concepts like super concept and confusion is that one particle can occur in two (or more) places at a time. An explanation of this (see section on quantum time) is the "many worlds" scene in which all the different quantum states simultaneously exist together in many parallel universes. If we can gain access to these alternative parallel universes, then one type of time travel may be possible.
At the sub-sub-microscopic level - at the level of so-called quantum foam, tiny bubbles of matter a billion-trillion-trillionths of a centimeter in length, perpetually popping in and out of existence - it is speculated that tiny tunnels or Short-cuts through space-time are constantly forming, disappearing and reforming. Some scientists believe that it may be possible to capture such a quantum tunnel and enlarge it many trillions of times to human scale. However, the idea is still a very speculative stage,...
It should be noted that, with all these plans and ideas, it is not possible to travel at any time from time to time, when the travel technique was prepared.
Faster-Than-Light Particles:-
There is a strange theoretical particle in physics called the tachyon that routinely travels faster than light, with the corollary that such a particle would naturally travel backwards in time as we know it. So, in theory, one could never see such a particle approaching, only leaving, and the particle could even violate the normal order of cause and effect. For a tychon, the speed of light is the lower speed limit, while the upper speed limit is infinity, and its speed increases as its energy decreases. Even stranger, the mass of a tachyon would technically be an imaginary number (i.e. the number squared is negative), whatever that might actually mean in practice.
It should be emphasized that there is no experimental evidence to suggest that the tactics are actually present, and many physicists also deny the possibility. A tachian has never been seen or recorded (though the search continues, especially through the analysis of cosmic rays and particle accelerators), and have never been made, so they remain fictional, although the theory is strongly Supports their existence.
Research using minos and opera detectors has suggested that small particles called neutrino can travel faster than light. However, recent research by CERN has concluded the disputes, and the matter is uncertain. Neutrinos are not just fictional particles like Tachian, but rather a famous part of modern particle physics. But they are small, almost-mass, invisible, electrically neutral, weak-interacting particles that are correct through normal matter, and as a result it is very difficult to measure and cope (even their masses Is not accurately measured)
Time Travel Paradoxes:-

The probability of traveling back on time is generally not considered to be far more likely by scientists than in the future. The idea of ​​traveling for time in the past is full of problems, at least temporary contradictions are unlikely because the result is a violation of the violation (i.e. there is a possibility that some effect may occur before for some reason). This is the most famous example by grandfather paradox: If a fictional time traveler goes back on time and kills his grandfather, then the time passenger himself will never be born when he was to be; If he has never been born, though, he is unable to travel through time and kill his grandfather, which means that he will be born; etc etc.
Some have demanded to prove the probability of time travel for the past, that such paradoxes never really arise in practice. For example, the simple journey is that the time traveler is present at the beginning of his journey, it is self-evident that he can not kill his grandfather or in any way can change the past, either because in the past Free wishes are eliminated, or because such results
Decisions are predefined. Or, alternatively, it is argued that, any change made by the traveler at an estimated future should already be in the passenger's past, resulting in the passenger moving forward from reality.
Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has suggested that the fundamental law of nature itself - especially the idea that always precedes the effect - can prevent the journey from time to time. Our obvious absence of "tourists from the future" here is another logic, although not a harsh, which has been kept from time to time against the possibility of time travel in technical travel (here is the impression that future civilizations, More technically advanced than millions of years, should be able to travel).
However, some interpretations of time travel have attempted to resolve such potential contradictions by accepting the possibility of traveling between "branch points", parallel realities or parallel universes, so that any new event during the journey of any time The traveler's journey during a different reality and therefore does not have an impact on the original time-stream. The idea of ​​parallel universes, in the first decade of 1950, was put forward by Hugh Everett III in the "many world" interpretation of quantum theory, is now quite mainstream and accepted by many people (though in any way) By physicists.
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Exactly What is Units of Time

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Exactly What is Units of Time

Exactly What is Units of Time

Based on the motion and mathematical derivation of stars, sun, moon and other planets, 'Sun Siddhanta' explains nine methods of measurement of time.
Accordingly there are nine units of time. 1

The names are as follows:-

Brahma , Divya , Trijya Prajapatya , Gaurav , Solar , Savan , Chandra and Arch(ब्राह्म’, ‘दिव्य’, ‘त्रिज्या प्राजापत्य’, ‘गौरव’, ‘सौर’, ‘सावन’, ‘चान्द्र’ और ‘आर्क्ष’).
The first six units have been used to define the time (time) used by the emergence of the universe, from 'Brahma to solar'. Chandraman is used in the construction of Dainik Dinsharika Almanac, which determines the various rituals and festivals. The day of the solar day and the sidereal day are used to calculate the planetary motion. In this age of modern physics, we have given importance to these two units of time. 'Savan Din' prepares the concrete and good basis for measuring the time in both the methods (specialty and physics) due to its utility.

In ancient Indian method, the unit of time is divided and subdivided by the following type:
60 Influences = 1 moment
60 minutes = 1 hour (lathi / punishment)
21/2 hour = 1 hour
24 Hora = 1 Saw Day
In modern times, we divide the time (time) and subdivide it as follows-
60 seconds = 1 minute
60 minutes = 1 hour

24 hours = 1 day (Solar day)
In the sense of planetary gravity in Indian astrology, whatever bodies that appear to move us towards relative constellations in space, they are called planets. The literal meaning of the planet is incompatible with behavioral astrology in the form of Planet.

The unit (unit) of time (hour) is Hora (which is the hour equivalent to hour) arranging the names of the weekly days. According to Indian astrology, every Hora (hour) is called in the sequence of planetary names. There are seven planets that are visible in general without instruments. These planets of the Sun family know us as Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Som (Earth's satellite: Moon), Venus, Mercury and Sun. . In the above sequence, the sequence of the planets from the earth will be in the following manner when counting the planets' planets from the Earth's remote planet by converting the 'Sun' and the Earth's satellite 'Mon'.

Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and Chandra 2

If one day at sunrise the first Hora (Saturn) is Saturn, then second Hora will be of Jupiter, and in the same way, in the cyclic sequence, then on the second day the Sun will be Hora. Similarly, Chandra's next day, thereafter, in this sequence, there will be a lot of other planets.

On the sunrise, the name of the planet that will be the name of the day will be the lord of that day i.e. that will be a seven-day week and thereafter the names of days will be determined in the cyclical order 3 on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

In the next sections, we will discuss the sidereal day or the solar day.

Sidereal day:-
According to Aryabhatta 4, the person sitting on the boat as seen at the side of the river is moving in its opposite direction in the opposite direction, in the same way, the constellation (Nikhrityi Iti Nakshatra: i.e. distance between the two constellations is located) is visible. Because the earth revolves around its axis.
Although the goal of the Earth is on a continuous journey, but for mathematical simplicity, its motion is accumulated on the constellations and the earth is considered stable. 5

Indian astrology has defined the time taken between the emergence of a constellation in the form of a sidereal day. According to physics, the earth also travels in its chamber: equitable motion. Hence, the constellation located on the center of the earth, and walking around the earth, looks at the motion of the constellation. Earth's back of its axis: The time it takes to make a circle is called a sidereal day.

Savannah Day or Solar day:-

If a planet is on a particular day with a constellation, then on the second day, it appears to have been removed from that constellation some east. 6

So if one completes one revolution relative to the constellation of the planet, then the number of the total rotations of the planet, one of the constellations of the constellation will be less than one. 7

The period in which the Sun (or any planet) completes one round on the constellation (bhakra), is called "the year of the year" for the sun (sun or some planet). The solar period (Solarday) is called between the two consecutive periods of the sun. Astrology is of the opinion that a Mahayog 43,20,000 solar year is of 8 years. There are 1,58,22,37,828 sidereal day in the same Mahayug. The number of solar days is achieved by reducing the number of solar years by the number of sidereal days because the sun completes one round per year.
Hence the number of solar days in a Mahayuga - the number of days of constellation - the number of solar years
= 1582237828 - 432000 = 1577 9 17828
Hence the number of solar days (day, decrease, moment) in a solar year
= 1577 9 17828/432000
= 365.2587 = 365/15/30 (dd)
= 365 1/4 solar day
Similarly, the number of days of constellation in a solar year-
= 158223782 9/432000 = 366.2587 = 366/15/30 (dd)
= 366 1/4 constellation day

Thus, 365 1/4 solar day = 1 year = 366 1/4 constellation day. 10

Surya Siddhant, Manadhyay, (500 B.C.)
"Brahmin Divine and Pitri Prajaya Solar is considered as the first moon light. Neo.1. "
Surya Siddhant, Geography,
"Dhanamonan Bhana Modhadha: Rule.30."
Manda Meriyaaya Bhuputra Sun Shukrendujendev: .. "
Surya Siddhant, Geography,
"Mindadhad: Kraman Sansththa Dardhod: .. 78 .."
Aryabhatta, Golapad:, (AD 999)
"Analogimaginosta: The genuinely rebellious person.
Achalani Bhani Takadit Sampastimagani Lankayam .. "
Surya Siddhant, Geography, (500 B.C.)
"In parallel geography of Vyomni Tirity.
Illusion: Paramanduti Brahmans Dharanatmikam.32 .. "
Surya Siddhanta, Madhyamandh, (500 B.C.)
"Praggatitimatmasathesa frankai: preferential speed:.
Predictably, according to the results, Bhanhi Bhujjate.2.26 .. "
Surya Siddhanta, Madhyamandh, (500 B.C.)
"Atabhabayaanabanai: Self: Swarunaa: Self Self:".
Suryasiddhant, vaccine,
"It is the day-to-day celebration of the birth day of Saurashtra and Saurayambantya in the day-to-day life of Lord Vishnu.
Surya Siddhanta, Madhyamandh, (500 B.C.)
"Yuga Suryaj Shukraanan Khachatushardarnva ..29 .."
Surya Siddhanta, Madhyamandh, (500 B.C.)
"Bhanamantakshi Vaashraditidvadvashreshandev:.
Bhudeya Bhain: Self: Swarunaa: Swasvodaya Yuga.34 .. "
C.J.L., Wagstaff, London (1934)

Chapter 'Time', last line. -The Properties of Matter

Quantum of Time:-
Cronon is a unit for the proposed separate and indivisible unit of time in theoretical physics, which is known as the amount of time. Such a unit can be used as a part of the theory that proposes that time is not continuous but is composed of many different units. It should be emphasized that, according to our current understanding of physics, both Quantum mechanics and general relativity (which together make up most of modern physics) do not come in a time-quantified, separate package, but it is smooth and continuous. - See quantum timing clause. Although a discrete model may be useful for some more obscure and largely projected theories, those who try to combine quantum mechanics and relativity in the theory of quantum mechanics.

It is also unclear what a croon can cost. For this, a candidate is Planck Time (an infinitesimal 5.3 9 x 10-44seconds), which is the time required for light to travel at a distance of 1 Planck length in a vacuum, and it is believed by most physicists that it is the smallest Time measurement is possible, even in theory Although very small for many practical applications, Plank time is compatible with other Planck units for length, temperature, mass, density, etc., which are sometimes used in theoretical physics. Another potential candidate for Cronon is the time required for the light to travel to an electron's classical radius.

Multiples and Submultiples:-

For less than one second or units, the standard metric SI prefix can be obtained by applying the second one:

decisecond = 1/10 secondcentisecond = 1/100 secondmillisecond = 1/1,000 secondmicrosecond = 1/1,000,000 second
nanosecond = 10-9 second
picosecond = 10-12 second
femtosecond = 10-15 second
attosecond = 10-18 second
zeptosecond = 10-21 second
yoctosecond = 10-24 second
decasecond = 10 secondshectosecond = 100 secondskilosecond = 1,000 seconds (about 16.7 minutes)megasecond = 1,000,000 seconds (about 11.6 days)
gigasecond = 109 seconds (about 31.7 years)
terasecond = 1012 seconds (about 31,700 years)
petasecond = 115 seconds (about 31.7 million   years)
exasecond = 1018 seconds (about 31.7 billion   years)
zettasecond = 1021 seconds (about 31.7 trillion years)
yottasecond = 1024 seconds (about 31.7   quadrillion years)
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How the world knew about zero

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How the world knew about zero 

How the world knew about zero

How much has given the world to Hindus and Hindu culture! Hindu culture has its own special pride. With the churning of ancient texts of Hindus today, there is hope of getting much more. Blessed are Hindu and Hindu traditions.
Imagine if you can do mathematical calculations without zero! Yes, you can do it, but his method will certainly be very tricky. But many thousand years have passed without zero. People would have known that they had nothing, but they did not have any mathematical indication for nothing.
Who has invented zero and when it has been hidden in the pit of darkness till today, but in the whole world the fact has been established that the invention of zero was invented in India. Such stories are prevalent that for the first time zero was invented in Babylon, and for the second time people of the Maya civilization invented it, but the invention of both times was unable to influence the system and the people of the world forgot them.
Then in India Hindus invented zero for the third time. How did Hindus go about zero, it still has unanswered questions. Most scholars believe that zero was invented in the middle of the fifth century.
According to the Internet's largest encyclopedia 'Wikipedia'
"In 498, Indian mathematician and astronomer Aryabhatta said, 'place place to be done', to keep it (zero) in front of it (zero). And perhaps this would be the origin of the decimal theory of the same number. The numerical system of mathematical astronomy 'Aryabhatiya' composed by Aryabhatta contained zero and specific signals for that (for this reason they got the opportunity to display the numbers in words). In the ancient 'Bukshali' script, whose exact time has not been fixed till now, but its time is definitely ancient since the period of Aryabhatta, zero has been used and the sign is also definite for it. It is clear from the above quotations that in India, the use of zero was used even earlier than the time of Brahmagupta.
"The first obscure use of zero and the decimal theory of numbers has been found in the Brahmasutta theory written by Brahmagupta. Negative numbers and algebraic principles have also been used in this book. Seventh century, which was the period of Brahmagupta, thoughts related to zero had reached Cambodia and it is known from the documents that later it spread from Cambodia to China and other Muslim world. "
This time, zero invented by Hindus in India influenced the number system of the whole world and the whole world was informed that the meaning of zero is 'nothing'.
Arab countries based in the Middle East also obtained zero from Indian scholars.
Eventually this zero of India reached zero in the west in the twelfth century.
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