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Friday, December 28, 2018

OnePlus 6T Best Tips and Tricks

OnePlus 6T Best Tips and Tricks

OnePlus 6T Best Tips and Tricks

OnePlus 6T has launched, and we've covered its overall experience in our complete review. In terms of software, that only scratch the surface.

The stock is very deep beneath the outer looking Android, and enough to keep you in the coming weeks. Whether it is to optimize the look of the screen unlock animation, or to select your own custom color accents, or even change the navigation mode, there's a lot to it with.

You'll find main highlights in the video, but watch more about this phone's tricks and features. It is worth noting that since they both share very similar software, OnePlus 6 will also have many of these features. If not now, then in future updates. So sit tight, here are your OnePlus 6T and OnePlus 6 tips.

OnePlus 6T / 6 Home Screen Tips:

Choose a motion wallpaper - There are three animated wallpapers in the collection of preinstalled options in Android pi-flavored software near OnePlus. Long press on the home screen, then select "wallpaper" and by the time you do not see three wallpapers, the small mountain icon is surrounded by dots ring. Choose one of them, and now every time you unlock your phone, the wallpaper will still show a smooth, fluid animation before going.

Change the screen unlock animation - When you unlock OnePlus 6T by using the in-display fingerprint sensor, a little animation appears around your finger or thumb until the phone is unlocked. This is a preset called Cosmos, but you can change it. Go to Settings> Security and Lock Screen> Fingerprint, then type into your PIN and select "Fingerprint Animation Effect". Now choose one of three different animations.

Hide footprint: OnePlus 6 and 6T - As we are sure you already know - A notch is made in the top of their screen. If you do not like it and want to show off that it is not, you can use the ability of the oxygen OS to sieve it. Go to Settings> Display> Nach Displays and then "Hide the notch area"

Double tap to lock the phone: Long-press on the home screen wallpaper and hit "Home settings", now activate "double tap to lock". Now whenever you double-tap an empty area of ​​the home screen, you will lock OnePlus 6T.

Create parallel apps: If you have both work and personal accounts for different social and messenger apps, switching between them can be really frustrating. With parallel apps you can clutter Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram among others and can be an app for each account.

Go to Settings> Utilities> Parallel app and choose from the supported apps you want to duplicate. The parallel version will then be added to your app drawer, and will be indicated by a small orange badge.

Change which apps show full screen: With a long ratio display on both 6 and 6T, some apps may not display correctly. To change this, display Settings> Display> in the entire screen and choose which apps you want in fullscreen mode or default mode.

Change the number of app columns: Tap and hold on the Home screen wallpaper and hit "Home settings" and then "Home screen layout." Now you can choose whether you need apps of three, four or five columns on the Home screen.

Change app icon size: You can choose between three different app icon sizes in the same home screen layout menu.

Resize the app icon: Hold down the Home screen wallpaper and tap on "Home settings" and then "icon pack". This lets you choose between three default options: OnePlus, Round and Square You can also download custom app icon packs from the Play Store by tapping on the "More" option.

Customize individual icons: Keep pressing any app icon and you will see a new pop-up menu. Tap "Edit" and you'll be able to change app label / name as well as choose a different icon style for that single app.

Switch Notification Dots: In the same home screen settings menu, tap "Notification Dots" and when you close the toggle, you will not see dots on your app icon when you wait for the new app.

Open App Shortcut: Some apps have a list of shortcuts that pop up on the home screen. Hold down the app icon, and you'll find those pop-up options above the icon. These only appear on compatible apps. Something will not answer in this way.

Pin app shortcuts on the home screen: When you are seeing app shortcuts, keep one key pressed on which you want to pin your screen, and drag it where you want. You will now be able to do that action by tapping the shortcut on your home screen forever.

Add widget to shelf: The shelf is a custom screen that sits on the left of your main home screen. By default, it has a toolbox with shortcut, weather, recent contacts and recently displayed apps, but you can add another widget practically by tapping on the floating action button in the bottom right corner, which you can add Want to .

Customize shelf widget: In the shelf, you can press the top widget to select the text displayed, or to disable weather information. Press and hold any other widget, then drag it to reorganize, or press the red "X" to remove that particular card.

Disable the shelf: For whatever reason, you can just decide that you do not want the shelf. To disable it, go to your regular home screen, then tap and hold the wallpaper. Select "Home Settings" then toggle the "shelf" to the closed position.

Swipe down for notifications: You can access your drop down notifications by swiping down anywhere on the home screen. This hint is enabled by default. To disable, hold the Home screen wallpaper, select "Home settings" and close "Swipe down".

Change the screen resolution: Head to Settings> Display> Display Size, then move the slider to the bottom of the screen until the icon and text are not the size you want them to be.

Change the battery icon: With OxygenOS you can choose which battery information you want to see in the status bar. Go to Settings> Display> Status Bar, then tap on "Battery Style" and choose which style icon you would love.

Show battery percentage: Toggle the "Show battery percent" option in the same menu as the previous tip

OnePlus 6T / 6 button tips:

Quick Launch - Using Quick Launch, you can use your in-display fingerprint sensor to launch the app. Go to Settings> Utilities> Quick Launch and Toggle to it. Now tap on "Shortcut Settings" and you can add many app function shortcuts or just shortcut to open the app. For example, you can use it with calendars, to quickly add a new program, to take a selfie with the calendar, or to create a new alarm or timer in the clock app among many others. You can add six different apps or function shortcuts.

In order to actually use it, after the phone is unlocked, place your thumb on the fingerprint sensor. After about half an seconds, Quick Launch UI will pop up and you can swipe directly to the function / app that you want to directly drive.

Use the power button to launch an assistant - if you want, you can set a power button to launch a popular helper like Alexa or Google Assistant, when it is pressed for half-a-second is. Go to Settings> Buttons and gestures and then turn on the "Turn on Quick Activate Assistant" switch.

Activate Android pipe-like home button gestures - With Android pie, OnePlus has adopted similar gesture-based navigation systems for pixel phones. Using Single Home Button and Back. If it is not already active, go to Settings> Buttons and gestures> Navigation and gestures, and then select the "Back, Home" option.

Using "back, home" gestures - To use these gestures, a simple tap on the home button takes you home. By dragging it upwards, recent app views launch to drag it right and left, so that you switch between that app in which you are and the other is in your memory.

Activate gesture-only navigation - In the same "Navigation and Gesture" menu, you will see an option called "Navigation Gesture". If you turn on this mode, there are no virtual buttons on the screen. You control your phone with a series of swipe.

Use only navigation in gestures: Once you are active, swipe up from the bottom center corner of the screen to move home, swipe up from the bottom right corner to go back within an app, or below Swipe up from the center and hold your thumb / finger multitasking / center in the center of the screen until the recent view appears.

Undo the traditional Android navigation button - Again, in the same menu, select the "Back, Home, Recents" option and you will bring back the traditional three-button Android navigation system.

Custom Actions: In the Oxygen OS you can assign secondary functions to any onscreen button, whether you're using pixel-like gesture system or traditional three-button method. Each button can have two secondary functions, which are launched by a long-press or quick double-tap.

There are seven options, including opening the latest app, launching a search assistant, closing the screen, opening the camera, searching the voice, opening the last used app, opening the shelf and opening or closing the notification center and closing Includes screen opening. You will find options in the same settings menu under the "Navigation Bar Customization" option.

Recently swap / order back: By default - when using the traditional navigation mode - the left button is the previous button, and the right button is the Recent Apps Button. If you are accustomed to keeping them in another way, you can switch them on. Just toggle the "swap button" option in the "Navigation Bar Optimization" menu.

Alert Slider: Another button on the OnePlus 6T is a three-position alert slider on the left edge. Sliding down is regular, show me all the information modes In the middle is the priority mode which prohibits most apps from sending you notifications. The top position is total silence, which practically calms everything.

You can customize the Do Not Disturb option by going to Settings> Buttons and Gestures> Alerts slider. Here you can get alerts via some contacts.

OnePlus 6T / 6 display tips:

Create a custom accent color: Over the years, OnePlus has let you use the color in the form of your main accent color inside the interface. However, till Android Pie, you can choose from a group of presets only. Now you can make your own.

Go to settings> Submit> Color>, and then select the color palette in the bottom right (one on the Paint Palette icon on it). Now you will be able to use the slider and gradient pad, which you want, choose the exact color and shade.

Enable reading mode: Swipe the quick settings shed and you should see the tile to enable reading mode. This screen replaces grayscale, on the contrary, it rises slightly and kills blue light to mimic the e-reader type experience. So reading your Kindle app really wants to read a Kindle.

Automatically launch the reading mode: If you do not want to activate the reading mode manually, you can choose to launch specific applications automatically. Go to Settings> Display> Reading mode, then add the apps that you open in this mode every time.

Adjust the color temperature: How good a person looks at the colors on the screen, this can often be the subject of debate. For some, a perfect balance is very cool (blue) or very hot (yellow) for others. Thankfully, there is an option to manually adjust color temperature in oneplus. If you select the "Custom color" option, then Settings> Display> Screen calibration and you will find a Color Balance slider. Sliding makes the right screen warm, slipping it to the left, it cools down.

Choose SRGB or DCI-P3: You will get the option to choose from two additional color profiles in the settings menu, similar to color temperature optimization. These are sRGB and DCI-P3, both of which provide different color accuracy for those who like them.

Lift to wake up: With OnePlus 6 and 6T you can just wake up the screen by picking up the phone. To activate this feature, go to Settings> Display> Ambient display and then to hit "Rise to show your phone" to toggle

Tap to wake: Menu to wake up to wake, tap on "Tap the Screen to Show" option and now when you touch your screen, it will light the Ambient Display Clock / Notification.

Wake up on receiving notifications: Again, toggle for "new notifications" in the same menu. When you are active, whenever you get a message or a warning, your screen will be lightened.

Environmental Display: Whenever you get a notification, you can set your OnePlus to wake up. It is very easy to activate it. Just switch to toggle in the same settings menu. Instead of having a fully active screen, the ambient display mode is a black screen with white text / notifications.

Customize Ambient Display: Like Samsung's Always On Screen, you can change how clock and notifications are displayed on your ambient display. In the same settings menu, select ("Display> Ambient Display") "Clock Style" and then you have four options. Sadly, you can not change the red accent in a different color, but you can choose between three digital clocks and one analog one.

Night mode: With most of the feature phones, Night mode removes blue tint from the screen, making it more pale and easier on your eyes during the night. Like the color balance option, you want a dark tint to be yellow tint, it's a slider to adjust it.

Drop the Settings panel from top and tap on the "Night mode" option. To customize it or schedule it, press Long on the same Quick Settings icon or go to Settings> Display> Night mode.

Change font size: Half of the main display settings list has the option to change the font size. Here you can choose between small, default, large, and largest.

OnePlus 6T / 6 Safety Tips:

Add or remove fingerprint data: Go to Settings> Security and Lock screen, then select "Fingerprint." Now go through the process of capturing your finger or thumb data using the "Add fingerprint" and the built-in fingerprint sensor that resides under the display panel. To delete the fingerprint, just tap the little bin / trashken icon next to the fingerprint.

Screen pinning: If you want to lock a particular app on your phone's screen, you can do this by going to Settings> Security and Lock Screen, then select the Screen-Pinning option. Switch to toggle. If you have activated navigation gestures, this option is not available.

Then, to lock any app on your screen, open the app then go to the recent apps screen using your favorite navigation method. Now on top of your thumbnail card, tap on the three dots with the name of the app. Select "PIN" and it will lock on that app. To unpin, tap and hold the Home and Back buttons together.

Lock apps: You can keep app data private by locking it behind the fingerprint unlock. Select the Utilities Settings menu, select "App Locker" then which apps you want to add. Now when you open these apps, you will be asked to unlock using your pattern, PIN or your fingerprint.

Hide notifications from the locked app: At the top of the App Locker menu you will see a toggle to turn off notifications. Turn it on, and now no information from those apps will ever be shown on your lock screen.

Add Face Data to Face Unlock: - If you have not done this in your set up process, you can add your face data to the Face Unlock feature by going to Security and Lock Screen settings. Tap "Add Face Data" and follow the instructions, point to the front camera automatically.

Remove Face Data: This is the same method as above. If you have face data saved, you will see the "Delete Face Data" option. Tap to delete your face's data from memory.

Swipe to unlock with face data: In the Face Unlock settings, tap "Toggle to Auto Unlock once the screen is on" to turn it off. Now when you want to use your face data to unlock the phone, it does not unlock without watching you, just because you see the camera. You have to swipe upwards to come in the phone.

Auxiliary lighting for Face Unlock: On the next option, the toggle activates a feature that will lighten your phone's display when low light conditions, so you can still unlock your phone.

OnePlus 6T Camera Tips:

Double tap power button to launch: By default, the camera of OnePlus 6 can be launched quickly by double-taping the power button on the right edge. If your feature is not turned on, or you want to turn it off, go to Settings> buttons and gestures and then toggle next to "Turn on camera."

Access camera settings: Unlike previous versions of the software, camera settings are not constantly accessible from the main camera viewfinder. To open it, slide the camera mode panel. Now tap the settings that appear in the corner.

Add manual HDR control: By default, HDR is on automatic mode, depending on the camera lighting / contrast conditions itself, decides whether to use it or not. If you want to control your arrival, open the camera settings and turn on the "Manual HDR Control" option. Now when you open the camera, there is an HDR option in the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Enable Auto Night Scene mode: Like some other modern Android phones, Oneplus 6 can handle handy shots of bright night mode. To use it, you have to select "Knight" from the camera shooting mode.

However, if you want the camera to decide for itself, you can turn on the "Auto Night Season Detection" option, and it will decide itself in regular photo mode.

Quick Capture: When you double click on the power button, you can choose to move the camera. Open the Camera app, then open Settings using the method above. Here you will find a toggle that enables quick capture.

"Shot on OnePlust" watermark: Tap "Shot on OnePlus Watermark" in the same settings menu. Here you can enable a feature that automatically applies a watermark, which you can also customize to include your name. The end result is a photo with "shot on oneplus by [your name / handle]" in the bottom corner.

Pro mode: Coming in pro mode is much easier than before. Open the camera and swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal shooting options. Choose Pro mode, now you can manually adjust several settings.

It is very easy to adjust each of these settings Once manual mode is selected, you just need to press on whatever you want to change, then you get semicolon control on the screen. Adjust the ISO, shutter speed, or focus on turning this on-screen "wheel" clockwise or anticlockwise.

Remove histogram: By default, the histogram is on the screen in pro mode. If you do not want it there because it is blocking your video, then you go back to the camera settings and close the toggle histogram. You can do this also for a horizontal reference line.

Shoot Direct Photos: When you launch Pro Mode, you will see a line in the middle of the screen, it becomes green when your phone is leveled. To turn it off, go to the camera settings and close the "horizontal reference line" toggle.

Save custom presets: Despite being in Pro Mode, you can save a specific preset by tapping "C" in the toolbar, then tap on C1 or C2 and then adjust your settings and tap on the Save icon. It allows two presets in total.

Portrait Mode: To switch to Deep Effect mode, swipe from right to left in the regular camera view. It launches Portrait Mode and uses both cameras to make a Bokeh / Background Blur effect behind your subject.

Save regular photos in portrait mode: If you want a copy of your portrait mode photo, in which the depth effect has been added, then go back to the camera settings and scroll to the portrait section. Toggle "Save normal photo", and every time you take a deep effect shot, it will also save you a normal version.

Portrait Selfie: Simple - Flip the camera into front camera in portrait mode, and you will have a selfie with blurry background goodness.

Add grid lines: Back in camera settings, select "grid" and then choose between 3x3, 4x4 or Golden ratio grid.

Change the image ratio: In the main camera view, in the toolbar, you will see a "4: 3" icon. Tap it and you can change the shooting ratio to 1: 1 square or 16: 9 widescreen screen.

Save RAW Photo: Launch the Pro Mode, then tap a little "RAW" icon in the main toolbar.

View photos by location: Open the default gallery app and tap on the "Location" tab. You now have a map with small pictures which are dotted around. To see more local collections, just pinch to zoom in.

OnePlus 6T Other Tips:

Enable Wi-Fi Calling: With more official carrier support than ever, the OnePlus Phone can now be used to create calls and text on Wi-Fi, provided your carrier supports it and this is an option on your plan. is. Go to Settings> Wi-Fi and Internet> SIM and Network, and then tap SIM 1 or SIM 2 (which you want to use the feature anytime). On the next screen, you will see a toggle for Wi-Fi calling. Turn it on.

Switch to gaming mode If you are bothered by whatsapp while trying to defeat your best lap time in Real Racing 3, then you will be happy to know that there is a way to block notifications while playing your game.

Tap the notification / settings shade, and swipe, then tap on the gaming mode option.

Do not disturb gaming and do not customize: To program this feature to come automatically for specific games, Long Press Not Disturb Quick Settings tile that you just taped. In the next settings screen, you can add specific applications to trigger the feature, as well as turn on the call route option directly via loudspeaker. Another way to find this is going to Settings> Utilities> Gaming mode.

Get simple text alerts during gaming: When gaming mode is turned on, you get no notifications by default. But you can change it. In the gaming mode settings, select "How to show notifications" and then "Text only". Choosing "head-up" enables regular Android-style notifications that can be quite distracting.

Dual SIM option: Like the previous oneplus phone, there is a double SIM tray which means that you can keep two SIM cards at one go. If you have a work and a personal line, or a SIM for two different carriers, it can be an invaluable feature, especially if you know that one network in your area for data speed compared to the other its better.

Settings> Wi-Fi and Internet> SIM and the title in the network and you can choose which SIM is the preferred option for mobile data, calls or text messages. So if there is more data allowance in any SIM, you can set it as your main data SIM.

Quick Quick Tiles: In Android One, Google offered the ability to move around the Quick Settings tiles in the dropdown settings panel, but OnePlus had this feature in the Oxygen OS for a while. As always, drop the panel down, then tap a little pencil below the settings panel. You can then rearrange the tiles on the screen according to your preferences.

OnePlus 6T Quick Gesture: Like many modern Android phones, you can enable multiple gestures to launch apps or functions. Go to Settings> Buttons and gestures> Quick gestures then you activate the ability to flip the phone to mute the call, swipe with three fingers to take a screenshot, double-tap to wake the phone or lock Draw II But the screen with two fingers to play or pause the music.

Additionally, you can select apps to launch by dragging O, V, S, M or W on the lock screen.

Take a long screenshot: when you're on a long page, you can capture all of them by taking a long screenshot. Press the Volume Down and Power Button as usual, then you will see a row of four actions at the bottom of the screen. There is a rectangle icon, press it, and it will start taking a long screenshot of the page you are on.

Markup Screenshots: Once you've taken a screenshot, select the pencil from the row of four actions. This takes you to a editing screen where you can adjust the image properties, as well as be able to edit and draw / write on the image.

Easter egg: Do not type in the last but at least, the head for the pre-installed calculator and "1 + =". Let's see what happens.

Let's know what tips do you get to dive into your own brand OnePlus 6T. Turn off the sound in the comments, or catch us on social media.

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The Best Method to Shoot Professional Videos with your Smartphone's Camera

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The Best Method to Shoot Professional Videos with your Smartphone's Camera

The Best Method to Shoot Professional Videos with your Smartphone's Camera

Thanks for the smartphone, recording video is not so easy or easy.

Everyone's pocket has a powerful video camera: a smartphone. And with a little practice and access to some major tips, even you - yes, you can start recording great vogue, or even just by using your smartphone, an indie film or documentary record can do.

In this way, Pocket-Lint has scored nine tips in an attempt to help you capture the best, whatever you want. Although some tips may seem obvious, following all of them should be the result of amazing video every time.

Tips for better video recording with your smartphone:

Tips for better video recording with your smartphone


Nothing ruins great footage like two black vertical straps on both sides of your video. To avoid this amateur mistake, do not use Landscape Orientation and Portrait Orientation while recording.

Not only does the landscape seem more aesthetically pleasing to your video, but it will make it more enjoyable when you look at a widescreen or television. In addition, you will capture more in the actual video.

Just remember: Do not keep your phone vertically while recording, as long as you do not really like or want to include those vertical black bars (or if you're purely recording for Instagram Stories ).


Now when you are recording in the proper orientation (see above), then fill the frame completely with your subject. You can put him or her somewhere in the center to make a more visually visible. Just play around and see what looks best.


There is nothing more gross than digital zoom - just ask any professional photographer. Most smartphones unfortunately provide digital zooms, which are software tricks only that will show your subject closely, but without the abundant amount of pixels.

Without zodiacing, you need to get close to your subject (or use an accessory, but later on more) to zoom in without recording crisp, in the vivid quality you desire in the video. In general, you should always be as close as possible, especially for tight shots on the face. Let us see those freckles and fine lines and cheek fuzzy.

Of course, it is not necessary that if you have a smartphone with more than one camera on the back. Often times, one of the additional lenses is the designated "telephoto" lens, which is designed to give you an optical zoom effect without losing it. In this example, tapping that "2x" button on your iPhone XS, for example, would be OK.


We all have seen videos where the topic is yellowish skin and red satanic eyes which are combined with super dark background. Criminal? Okay, yes, this is a photographer ... but it's a flash too.

Smartphones, you see, are equipped with LED lights which are very bright and can easily skew the color temperature of the photos. In addition, the video will often be poorly lit in the end. If you want to record a photo at night, you have to find another light source.

Get creative with available lights like Neon Sign or Juke Box. They can add some essential brightness while jazzing your video with color.


While thinking about flash and lighting in general, there are some other things you should keep in mind: backlit-avoid settings.

You may be able to see people and their faces when you backlit, but your smartphone camera can not usually display a dark picture with a bright image. There will also be no visible features in that shape, which means that you were trying to catch whatever you were missing.

To avoid this situation, try configuring a basic lighting setup. Those of you who are recording on the fly, can also improve backlit position by going to one side or another. Although some stock camera apps try to reduce the effects of backlighting, but you should try to reduce the effects of your end.


Time Lapse:

Time lapse or time-lapse photography is a cinematography technique by which the frequency at which the film frames are captured (frame rate) is much less compared to the sequence used. When you repeat this sequence with normal speed, time goes on fast and lapping is done in this way.

Simply put: Time lapse photography is time-manipulation. Things and events that usually take during hours, days, months, or years and can be seen at a very fast pace, from time to time, thanks to the photography techniques.

Before the Instagram team started hyperlaps, making a time-lapse video with its smartphone was tedious and honestly difficult. Since then, some manufacturers have just created the feature in the preinstalled camera app. For example, Apple iPhones have a time-lapse feature in the camera.

Still, in some phones it is not, and hyperlaps have been closed since then, but there are options. At the Play Store, Microsoft has its own hyperlap app that is simple to use and stabilize your footage, and another is called Framelapse Pro which has been highly rated.


GIFs are everywhere. Any day, you will see them imaginable on Twitter, Facebook, news sites, advertisements, and any other site.

They are like short stop-motion video clips, which you can send via email, social network or SMS messages. They are short to look and easy to share, but they are also easy to make. You just need a camera equipped with a camera and an app. Giphy lets you create GIFs as Google Photos, if you have a Galaxy Note device, you can also create your own using S-Pen.

There is also a guide in PocketLint which gives details of the best ways to create a GIF. You can start today, and maybe it will not cost you a little bit of time. See also the Boomerang app of Instagram. It explodes and then stitches them together in an HD video loop. The loop starts playing further, but then plays backwards, creates a GIF video like the audio does not include.

Instagram recommends that you are getting something that is moving forward, keep it still, and voila! From there, you can share it on Instagram. Boomerang automatically saves the video in the roll of your camera.

The idea is that - with a GIF - you have created an interesting short video clip that can easily go viral. Just check these GIF examples of cats and dogs riding on robot vacuum, all of which have become viral.



Snapchat was one of the first app to completely change the way the video was shot. With it, you can quickly send a video of yourself (or snap) to a friend at work, perhaps a rainbow-pudding is applied with an AR lens or a doodle is written on top, and then they open it. Can they screenshots if they want it? And reply back with your own video response.

You can make snap more fun by adding enhanced reality-based special effects and sounds with a feature called lens. Popular lenses include 'Rainbow Puke' and 'Dog with Gibb'. Like the lens, which are mainly applied to your face in real time, there are 3D World lenses that specifically affect the environment around you.

You can also see your Bitmoji avatar. For example, one running one shows our bitmodi incarnation sitting at the desk and mixing of drugs and chemicals. This animation is pervasive in the world around us and it can be shared with our friends through chat or follow-up through our story. Both the lenses and the world lens are often replaced by snapchat, although popular recurrence occurs. Finally, there are filters, which you can use to jazz your snap.

You can add color filters, current times, local weather, speed overlays, or geofilters to your videos. Now, when you are playing with any of these Snapchat features, you can always save your snap locally on your device and then share it with others via other social networks or SMS. But, if Snapchat is not your item, try Instagram.

Instagram also provides many filters and lenses for the video.


Let's be honest: smartphone cameras are not just like the powerhouse made by Canon or Nikon or Sony, because most smartphone cameras and their stock camera app lacks fine control and other things.

If you so want to take your smartphone video-recording skills to the next level, without buying DSLR at no cost, you may want to consider purchasing goods that reveal the real potential of your camera. You can get everything from tripod mounting system to creative lens add-ons.

A website named Photojojo sells a ton of different goods at different price points. You can mount bikes for your Android phone, for example, or telephoto lenses for your iPhone. The possibilities are endless (and addicted).



And finally, sometimes some editing is required so that your footage has to be "wow" from "meh". And nowadays you can also make some deeper edits on your smartphone, which means that you will not need to invest in fancy desktop software.

Everything is simple on iOS and Android mobile devices until you add transition, title and effect from original trimming. Whether your next video is a montage or school project, mobile applications can make video-editing process work.

For example, Apple's own iMovie for iPhone and iPad includes titles and transitions and even supports creating dramatic trailers while walking. Other features include Picture-In-Picture, Split Screen and Slow Motion Effect. It's similar to iMovie on Mac, in fact. For IPad Pro, you would want to give LumaFusion, though it is quite expensive.

Pinnacle Studio is another good example, as well as Videon and Magisto. But not all: Adobe's premiere Rush app for the iPhone and iPad is a powerful video editing tool that has many features of Premier Pro, though it has been snatched down and used by anyone.

It offers fast video editing like other mobile apps, where you can drag footage and photos according to your liking and trim them down and trim them, but it is also compatible with Premier Pro so that you can do the desktop Can export final results. Software sophisticated with more control.

For More Information:

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Thursday, December 27, 2018

How to convert any TV to smart TV?

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How to convert any TV to smart TV?

Smart TVs are expensive and we can not afford to buy them all. But this does not mean that you can not make your existing TV 'smart'. Here's how you can do it.

GoogleGoogle's Chromecast

GoogleGoogle's Chromecast is easy to set up and use. (Google):

Most of us are addicted to a show or any other on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Hotstar. These services are available on both mobile and desktop browsers, so you can stream content from anywhere. But many of us see these shows on their mobile phones or laptops. Of course, you can get it updated with the story by watching it on a small screen, but a pure cinematic experience can only come through a big screen.

The problem is that not all of us can buy smart TVs which run these applications or know how to upgrade LED or LCD TVs in the house. I have a basic 32-inch LG LCD TV, but my living room has been coupled with good Sony speakers for surround sound. I neither want to upgrade my TV nor enjoy watching shows like Game of Thrones or Penny Dreadful on the big screen. Perhaps your use case may be different, but here's how you can make your dumbbell TV smart, watch all these shows on the big screen, without hitting your budget.

Minimum requirement: Broadband / Wi-Fi connection, HDMI port in your TV, any monitor with LCD / LED TV or HDMI port.

Google Chromecast 3:

Google Chromecast 3

Price: Rs 3,499

Google Chromecast is the easiest way to stream content from your mobile phone to your TV. Dongle connects to your TV via HDMI port and lets you mirror specific apps along with your phone and laptop. There are several streaming apps that support Google Chromecast. Some of the popular Chromecast compatible apps are Netflix, Hooq, Google Play Music, YouTube and Saavn. You can find a complete list of compatible apps here. Desktop users can stream any website to the big screen.

In addition to streaming content from your mobile phone, you can also use chromecast to convert your TV to a picture frame. You can further customize the screen with Facebook, Google Photos, and many more photos.

Amazon Fire TV Stick:

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Price: Rs 3,999

Google's Chromecast works fine, but it depends on a secondary device for streaming content. Amazon's Fire TV Stick resolves this problem.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is again an HDMI-based device, but comes with 8 GB of on-board storage. It runs the Amazon-owned Fire OS and is powered by 1.3GHz MediaTech quad-core processor in conjunction with 1 GB RAM.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick also supports the Indian accent for voice commands. (Amazon)

Although the Amazon Fire TV stick resembles the old Google Chromecast dongle, it is a competent media player. Amazon App offers a wide range of catalogs that include games like Hotstar, YouTube, Netflix and Flappy Bird. It also supports YouTube. This essentially means that you can download the app on the dongle, and you can stream these services without the need to touch your mobile phone.

The device comes with its own remote which also supports voice commands. Remote understands Indian accent well and lets you search Hindi films effortlessly.

ReTV X1:


Price: Rs 4,999

The ReTV media player focuses on finding the content you want to stream on the big screen. The company has entered into an agreement with many over the top (OTT) players to give 1,000 free movies. Like Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can watch videos through YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo. It also supports applications like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime and Eros.Now Remember, we never encourage you to do pirate content, but you should know that the media player also lets you download and stream content from BitTorrent. The media player is also connected to the motion sensor remote.

Retv focuses on content curation. (ReTv)

Airtel Internet TV:

Airtel Internet TV

Price: Starting from Rs 4,999

The problem with these external media devices is that you need to constantly switch between the HDMI input. Airtel launched an advanced set-top-box in the beginning of this year, which comes with support for Netflix, Hotstar and other streaming services. This essentially set-top-box means that not only lets you watch your regular TV channel, it also gives you access to the OTT app like YouTube and Netflix.

Preview of the interface on Airtel Internet TV. (Airtel)

The set-top-box Android runs on the operating system and comes with 8 GB built-in storage and supports up to 128 GB via microSD card, additional storage. It also has basic support for Google Chromecast, which basically means that you can stream content on TV through all Chromecast-compatible apps.

Subscribing to Airtel Internet TV, you get 25GB bonus data from Airtel, if you have a broadband plan which costs more than Rs 999. Under the broadband plan of Rs 999, Airtel gives you 10GB free data.
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The best way to turn on your TV in Android smart TV is

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The Best way to turn on your Normal TV into Android smart TV 

The Best way to turn on your Normal TV into Android smart TV

For consumers with an old TV set, there is a lot of opportunity to go 'smart'. Thanks to many solutions and solutions, there is a budget-friendly way to upgrade total TV knowledge without buying a new set.

However you will have to buy a smart set-top box. Not sure what happens? This is your guide to finding the best Android TV box for all your entertainment goals. And if you have never had a smart TV setup before, then you are in the new world of digital search.

An Android TV Box Creates a Hub for Living

Entertainment at home is one of the most disrupted industries of our era. Equipped with the best android TV box, your TV now has the potential to become the hub for your home.

This hub can be a place where you easily manage all your important domestic tasks, watch movies and shows, play games, and browse the web ... all through a central dashboard that will make your life Simplifies these key parts. And with this capability, there is a possibility of a dizziness of achieving a common goal of today's modern consumer: To free yourself from cable companies.

Of course, all you need is a smart TV.

But not everyone is the first adopter and many of the houses are stuck with the old technology TV set which can not connect to anything other than a coaxial cable. answer? If you are on a budget, then nothing more than a cheap Android TV box is possible.

Why Are There So Many Smart TV Hacks Out There?

Surprisingly, people change their TVs with very low frequency compared to their smartphones. According to a Global TV Replacement Study by NPD DisplaySearch, people change their TVs in almost every seven years.

That means there are so many 'dumb' TVs there! It also means that there are too many solutions. Whether you want to use the show to stream the show in the kitchen or you plan to watch Netflix on your children's old set, the Android TV box might make your Dumblr TV smart (if it is not too old). And at a fraction of the cost of buying smart TVs, it is worth the effort to learn how to set one up. What do you want to know here

Turning your Dumbl TV into Android Smart TV: Why Android?

An Android set-top box will connect your TV and your WiFi network, effectively bringing Internet capabilities to your TV. This means access to apps and services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Crackal.

There are a handful of platforms to run a smart TV interface with Windows, Linux, OS X, Apple's iOS and of course Android. Android is a strong, universal platform that many people already know from using on their phones, this is the reason that we are just going to cover the Android TV box.

What kind of Android TV Box get?

There are dozens of different devices that will turn TV into smart TVs, but if you are aiming for the cheapest route including a mini box, Android TV stick and full set-top box. Here's a quick summary of cheap Android TV box types:

Android TV Stick: It's a type of dongle, a USB-sized device that plugs in the back of your TV. Prices start around US $ 25.
Android TV Box: Not as portable as the TV stick, they are shaped like a small sandwich or traditional square modem depending on the model you choose. Prices start around US $ 22.
Mini android tv box: Minis combines the best of both worlds: Portability of a stick with many capabilities of a full set-top box Prices start around US $ 22.

Going smart with a stick:

Apart from Pocket Portability, one thing that people love about the Android TV Stick is their super fast and easy setup. Ready for this? Here are the instructions: Find your TV's HDMI port, then connect your stick directly.

However, there are some drawbacks, there are some drawbacks. The interface of the stick is going to be much less user-friendly than the full set-top box. You may need to use your smartphone to control some models.

In addition, if you want to have WiFi Bluetooth in addition to that USB, which pays the maximum. Some also require you to purchase additional software development kits. It is not that there is anything wrong in this - but here we are focusing on the cheap Android TV box, so the budget is important.

Then there are special views for gamers.

Special Considerations for Gamers:

If you are a gamer, then there is another reason that the stick model can not be enough. They usually do not come with the controllers - especially the cheap one - so you have to find out your own. At that point, with additional cost, you can also consider the full set-top box. You will get better user experience with better functionality with interface.

As far as the full set-top Android TV box, which are deep pockets, there's Shade of Nvidia. But not everyone has a deep pocket, so in the budget for anyone, there are many other TV boxes which are operated by Android which will work well.

Conclusion: Everything should be checklist for your Android TV Box

You already know how to select an Android-powered TV box, so that you can use all your favorite Google Play apps on your new Smart TV. But you should also look for a box containing the following features.

  • XBMC. XBMC, also known as kodi, is a media player app that handles apps like Pandora and YouTube.
  • 4K resolution Make the most of the latest movies and live sports.
  • Access to the Google Play Store. Access apps and games.
  • Wi-Fi
  • Miracast
  • DLNA
  • Quad-Core processor or above
  • 3D Movie Support
  • Warranty

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Saturday, December 22, 2018

How to Work Online from Home step by step Guide

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 How to Work Online from Home step by step Guide

 How to work online from home step by step Guide

In the past, I have briefly touched the way to find work from home jobs, but have not been in step-by-step details for you. I have mentioned many good job search sites that you can use as well as some websites you can look for to get jobs for home-based work.

But, there is still more to know where to search. You will need to know how to find major job boards. Once you are on a job search site, you have to put in some smart search terms to narrow things up for home-based jobs. You can get super creative with it and even limit it to specific types of home-based jobs!

My two favorite free searchable job boards that I use weekly, are Adhuntr and Fact. Adhuntr searches for all Craigslist and really searches together several major job boards, which sincerely saves a lot of time for me because there are so many job boards.

How to find work from home jobs with search:

There are several keywords that you can type into the keywords field on both sites that will mainly bring home-based jobs. You should type all of these keywords inside the quote so that you can find the listing with that exact phrase instead of only the difference.

For example, if I work from home without quotes around the keyword box, sometimes I work with a listing in which words are work and home, but not necessarily together, then This means that this is not a work of the house. This is the reason that quotes are so important.

If you want to narrow down your search to work with something specific, such as Home Transcription Jobs or Home Writing Jobs, you can type "work from home", "transcription" simultaneously, in both quotes or "work from home" Are there. "Writing," and your results will populate with listings, which will include both phrases.

Also, pay attention to the date of the listing you received. When I'm on Adhuntr, I always ask to sort it by the most recent or last month, so I do not end up with the listing listed from time to time. In fact, you have to tell how many days before the list was posted and if the job has already ended, you can see it at the top of the list.

Search term to try:

Obviously, there is a great search term to use "work from home", but this is not the only one. Not every company uses that exact phrase to describe its home-based jobs! Here is a large list of many search terms that you should use to ensure that you get as much as possible from home jobs. And remember, write all these inside the quotation!

"Work From Home"
"work at home"
"Work From Away"
"remote location"
"Work From Anywhere"
"Location: Anywhere" (Good to use on Adhuntr because they have a specific location field)
"Location: Remote"
"Freelance" - (not all freelance jobs work from home, but there are many who are worth checking)
"Work From Home" + "Freelance"
"virtual Office"
"This is a remote situation"
"Working away from home"
"working from home"
"Working at Home"
"Work offsite"
"Offsite status"
"Work from home"
"Can be worked from home"
These conditions should stop for a good start. Obviously you can not have time to pass through each post (I know I am not). But just experiment with conditions and see which ones give you the best results and you will find that you have some favorites, the search terms to go.

Watch out for scams!:

In fact, it is possible to run a home scam on Adhuntr, and many other job boards. The intentions of the people behind two sites are definitely good, but they do not do everything. That's why it is always your responsibility to research your own and carefully examine the jobs before applying or sharing your personal information too much.

Craigslist is full of work in home jobs that are legitimate, but there are far more scams posted from elsewhere, so you have to be careful about dual caution.

Here is a post with a list of tricks to dodge scams on Craigslist, which I would recommend to read before searching a lot through Adhuntr.

Another great resource I use:

FlexJobs is a very high quality, reputable job search site focused on work from home and flexible jobs, and they guarantee that you will never find scams posted on their site. So if you are really crazy about scams, then you can consider signing up for membership on FlexJobs. I have used their site for more than a year now and can solve the quality of job quality and scams.

It's $ 14.95 a month, but you can set your account under settings so that it does not bills you for months if you want to get access for just one month, see if it's worth it to you. . You can use promo code NEWYEAR to gain 50 percent through 1/2/19.

I have a job from Home Scam Checklist to work with household scams, or you can browse through different types of things that I have written about specific scandals here to learn more about each type.

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How to Sell Your Unique Music Online

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How to Sell Your Unique Music Online

How to Sell Your Unique Music Online

Selling your music to a worldwide audience is now easier than ever. I was a musician since childhood, and working for education, travel and then a living person, in the way of my dream of becoming a guitar hero, I never left the hope. In fact, I have spent the last few years writing and recording a generous mix of songs. The next obvious step was to find a way to hear them, the advent of social media itself came in.

Where to sell your music online:

Despite the interference of Justin Timberlake, MySpace is a musical backwater these days, it is still a place that posts a song and updates for a music oriented audience. The soundcloud, though very strong and with a better understanding of the community. I started uploading instruments and songs several years ago in Soundcloud, but then chosse a paid account to get more comprehensive data, as well as a lot of unlimited space for audio files.

Followers on SoundCloud are usually companion musicians, and with all other social networks, you get the maximum of them that you put in - follow others, listen to their music and leave comments, and more people Will meet again The option to add a "buy" link to other services is also important, through which you can pay to download your listeners, viewers, fans, even a track or two.

The first potential beneficiary option that I came across was Reverb Nation. This is similar to SoundCloud - you can create a profile and start adding your music, you can set a price or make it free to download it. In addition, you can take all the benefits after commissioning of the site, or you can choose to share with your charity of choice. In my case, I give the Fender Music Foundation the ratio of every sale.

It may be just my experience, but compared to SoundCloud, the riverbank seems very quiet in the context of the community, and although I get a steady stream of profile scenes, few people listen there. In addition, ReverbNation often gives users messages with music promotion offers, which rely on payment for a "press pack" up-front.

The next site that appeared on my radar was BandCamp, which gives you the ability to upload your songs and artwork and to set a price. The big advantage is that your fans have the option to show their true devotion and pay more than the cost of asking, if they really like the track or album. I have had some success with marketing at BandCamp, however, I do not think I'm ready to leave the work for so far

Sell Your ​​Music on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play:

Of course, in the world of music downloads, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3 and Spotify are the primary paid outlets and are the most famous among legitimate downloaders. You usually need proper music management and record labels to get your songs and music albums on these music sites, but there are other ways to be listed as well.

The likes of music distribution platforms like CDBaby and TuneCore charge an upfront fee and will act as a proxy for record labels to get your music on iTunes and other online music stores. Your music uploads will appear in stores all over the world. Like the Audi, these services also have a partnership with YouTube, and whenever a piece of music is used on YouTube videos, a portion of the advertising revenue is paid to you.

On the other hand, Distrokid takes almost a negligible annual fee, still does not cut profits and still allows you to upload as many songs as you want every year. It takes a few days to promote your tracks to iTunes, Google, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer and Rdio, but this is a very clever and simple process.

Besides, there is loudness. Which is similar to DistroKid to get your songs quickly and originally on iTunes, Amazon, et al, but with a significant difference - this allows you to upload and sell "cover" versions of other people's songs. Take care of license and royalty for the songwriter. The service does not charge an upfront fee, but does relatively big cuts in any profits from the download stores.

Music Distribution Services – Comparison is given:
ServiceUpfront CostSales CommissionSupported Music Stores
BandCampNone15% of the total salesNone
ReverbNation$19.95 per monthNoneiTunes, Spotify, Google Music, et al
CD Baby$12.95 per single9% of the revenue from music sites Amazon,  iTunes, Beats MusicShazam, Facebook, YouTube,Google Play, etc 
DistroKid$19.99 per yearNoneiTunes, Spotify, Beats, Rdio, Deezer, Google Play, Amazon MP3
Loudr.fmNone15% of the sales revenueiTunes, Pandora, Spotify and Google Play
TuneCore$9.99 per year per singleNoneiTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Spotify, and more.
Obviously, none of these music services will make you a guitar hero, if you do not have a musical chops and if you do so, you spend a lot of time investing in marketing and linking to see any substantial return. Will happen. When I was a young man, it was becoming viral that all the spots were getting and feeling sick, today, I would be very happy to be viral with Spotify and get a spot on the iTunes charts. rock on!

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