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Monday, January 7, 2019

Know The Best Web Hosting Godaddy vs Hostgator! Who is the Best Hosting Provider?

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Know The Best Web Hosting Godaddy vs Hostgator! Who is the Best Hosting Provider?

Know The Best Web Hosting Godaddy vs Hostgator! Who is the Best Hosting Provider?

Hello Friends If you are thinking of building a website then all you need is hosting! In this you become very confused! Because there are many hosting service providers in the market! It has many hosting providers like Godaddy, Hostgator, BlueHost, and even a lot sari company!

 Looking at your budget, you can not decide which hosting you want to take! So I will tell you today what hosting provider you should go with! And what hosting should you buy if you are new to this field!

A lot of people have always kept Confuse that Godaddy's Hosting is Good or Hostgator's Hosting!

You can choose Godaddy to buy domain name! But Godaddy does not fit a bit of hosting matters!

 Godaddy is Good for buying domain but Hostgator hosting is good for you!

You need a good server for your website! If the speed is good enough and your website does not hang, then Hostgator is good in this case! From Godaddy!

You Get Hostgator Under Which Cpanel! They get very optimized! Expect Godaddy! So you do not have trouble using cPanel!

In Hostgator, you have a lot of speed on your website Loding Speed! Which ranks your website very soon!

Both companies get call support of about 24!

In Hostgator you get 45 days money back guarantee under offer! While not available in Godaddy!

Hostgator's server is good enough! In the case of Godaddy!

You get Unlimited Storage in Hostgator! That does not get you with Gadaddy!

All together, Hostgator can be a good web hosting for you, because you get hosting of both companies at almost the same price!
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Sunday, January 6, 2019

How to Earn Money with YouTube By Making your own Vedio

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How to Earn Money with YouTube By Making your own Vedio

How to Earn Money with YouTube By Making your own Vedio

You probably have heard stories of people earning on YouTube and thought, "Hey, I can do it too!" Although earning thousands is not real, but you can start earning money fast, especially if your subscriber base is strong. Follow this guide to monetize your video and start earning money from those youtube ads. this is easy!

Steps to Earn Money From YouTube:

How to Earn Money with YouTube By Making your own Vedio

1.) Create your Unique YouTube channel: Your channel is your Indiviual presence on YouTube. Each channel is connected with a YouTube account. YouTube's account is as same as to a Google account, and after creating your YouTube account, you will be able to use other Google products such as Gmail and Drive.

  • At First, You must create a new account or use your existing account. Add keywords to help people find your channel. You can add your keywords by navigating to the Advanced section of your youtube channel settings. Ensure that your keywords fit in the content of your youtube channel.
  • Your username can work on your own interests and also work against you. If it is small, easy to read, easy to remember and real, then people will be able to remember you. However, if you are using your existing account, use it only. Changing your accounts will not help you.

How to Earn Money with YouTube By Making your own Vedio

2.) Upload a video to YouTube: Try uploading content that is of high quality and is not too long. (This option may vary depending on what kind of content you decide to upload) Also try uploading regularly and be consistent with your upload.

  • Even if your vedio content's is not very good at the beginning, Always stay with it. Practice makes perfect, that's why always try to make each video better than the previous video. Often you learn by working.
  • Improve your vedio content with the help of a better camera or better editing software or better technology. Also, improve the way you film things. Use a tripod or get help from a friend and publish your scenes well. All this things helps for a better end product, which helps you get a better audience on your youtube channel.
  • Regular uploading and updating can keep you holding on to your audience on your youtube channel. If you put your video contents on a regular schedule and will keep that schedule as routine as possible, then people are more likely to subscribe.
  • Make sure about that you have tagged your video with appropriate keywords that perfectly describe your subject matter as well as have a pleasing description in it. With this descriptions help people will be able to access your videos in YouTube searches.

How to Earn Money with YouTube By Making your own Vedio

3.) Increase your subscribers: Subscribers are important for increasing your monetization. You need people to see your ad so that you can earn money from it. There is no secret to finding more subscribers, just make as good a subject as you can and viewers will come by themselves.

  • Keep uploading your subject matter and try to stop people to see it. Put your video on twitter and facebook Share it with people. Distribute it somewhere else on the Internet. All members must be a participant.

  • Answer your audience's comments and talk to them and make videos related directly to their comments and questions sometimes. Sometimes Joining with your community will bring more members to that community.

How to Earn Money with YouTube By Making your own Vedio

4.) Monetize your video: To start earning money on your video, you will need to enable monetization. This means that you are allowing YouTube to place an advertisement in your video. From this, you also acknowledge that there is no copyrighted material in your video.

  • You can monetize after clicking on the Monetization tab, and then selecting the "Monetize With Ads" box, after uploading a video.
  • After you upload it to monetize your video, open your Video Manager and click on the "$" icon next to the video you want to pay. Tick ​​the box "Monetize With Ads".

How to Earn Money with YouTube By Making your own Vedio

5.) Set up Google Adsense: You can set up Google Adsense for free by visiting the AdSense website. Then click on the Sign Up Now button to begin creating your account. You must be 18 years or older for creating an AdSense account. If your age is less than that, then you will need an adult for your help.

  • You will need PayPal or a bank account and a valid mailing address as well as some other information so that AdSense can ensure who you are and who to send money to. You earn money when the ad is clicked and every view gets a little amount, but it keeps growing over time. That is why being an audience is a major necessity.

How to Earn Money with YouTube By Making your own Vedio

6.) Check your analytics: Once your videos are online, monitized and are being watched, you can check the analytics to know their performance. Click analytics option in your channel menu. Here you can see your estimated earnings, ad performance, video ideas, demographics etc.

  • Using these tools, you can see how the effect of your subject matter is on the audience. If you feel that you are not able to attract the right audience, then you can change your subject Vaastu or Marketing.

How to Earn Money with YouTube By Making your own Vedio

7.) Advertise your video in another place: Do not insert your video on YouTube only! Start a blog, create a website or insert your video on other video or social media sites. The more views you get, the better. By sharing a link or embedting your video on the Internet, you are increasing the chance of showing it and earning money.

How to Earn Money with YouTube By Making your own Vedio

8.) Become a YouTube Partner: YouTube Partners are a YouTube member who monetized videos with a large number of viewers. Partners gain access to more content creation devices and they can win prizes for their audience. Partners have access to more community support and suggestions.

  • You can request YouTube Partnership at any time from the YouTube Partner page. To get access to the most powerful partner program, you need 15,000 Watch Hours for your channel in the last 90 days.


  • Enter time and effort in your video editing.
  • Videos make good topics architectural and quality.
  • Upload videos regularly.
  • Use keywords so that people can watch your video.
  • Create an account on social networking site (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and do your own ad!
  • When uploading the video, make sure you enter the tags.
  • Make a video based on what's popular on the internet.
  • Share your video on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • Some people can leave the meany comments to bring you down. Do not let them get discouraged.
  • Copyrighted content can delete your video, and possibly even restrict it.
  • If your video contains any copyright material (i.e. - music that is not created by yourself, content taken from movies, etc.), then your chances of joining the partner program are reduced.
  • Most people do not earn much from YouTube Partnership. Unless you get big success, do not make a job-free life plan.
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Friday, January 4, 2019


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Get AHREF'S PREMIUM ACCOUNT for free in 2018-2019:

Ahrefs Premium Account For Free: Hello Everyone, Webmasters, digital marketer or blogger or SEO Expert. Then you definitely need Ahrefs premium Account. Therefore, today we have brought you some tricks for which you can find Ahref's Premium Account For Free Lifetime. So if you want Ahrefs premium Account Free, then you have to pay attention to some details.

If we talk about Ahrefs, then you are a digital marketer or blogger or SEO Expert, then you definitely know the name "Ahref". There are so many Premium SEO tools available in the market, but Ahref's is one of the best and most popular SEO tools that competitor analysis, backlink analysis, keyword analysis and SEO analysis help us in digital marketing.

How to get AHREFS Premium Account for free lifetime:

If we talk about Ahrefs, then we all know that this is a Premium Online Service which uses either the bigger Blogger or the Digital Marketer because everyone can afford to buy Ahref's premium Account. But if you do not have Ahrefs premium You want to use the account and you can afford it, you must buy it because the tricks given to us are done in 24 hrs only from 11 am to 12 pm.

If you want to buy Ahrefs premium account, you are given a list of Ahrefs premium plans, you can change this plan anytime, you can confirm it from Ahref's Official Website.

Ahrefs is the best tool for backlink analysis, Neil Patel, Brean Dean, etc. According to some pro SEO expert, Ahrefs can give you the right information about the competitor backlink. With the help of Ahref's Account, you can do a very good job online.


Backlink Analysis: Ahrefs helps you analyze backlinks, you can track all your backlinks against your site. In addition you can type your backlinks like Dofollow, Nofollow, Redirect etc. You can filter accordingly.

Keyword Analysis: Every blogger knows that choosing the wrong keyword can ruin your valuable time and your entire work. So, this is the hardest thing and the entire SEO project is dependent on choosing your keyword. So Ahrefs helps you find these keywords.

Competitor Analysis: You need to rank your post and blog to analyze your competitor. So this tool tells you all the details of the competitor, how many backlinks he has and what keyword he is ranking on.

Broken links Checking: Using Ahrefs Premium account, you can easily get broken links to any website on any website.

Batch Analysis: Ahrefs can show you any Batch Analyze of any site statistics on all websites.


Ahrefs Tool is quite costly for any new Blogger. They do not afford to use such tools to afford money. So today we are going to tell you a tricks of which help you get Ahref's Premium Account Free for Lifetime

Step 1. First you need to add an extension to your Chrome browser. Whose Name (EditThisCookie) you will find on Google Chrome Web Store: Add the Extension to your Chrome Browser

Step 2. Now you have to download Ahrefs Premium Cookies. With the help of which we will edit the cookies of Ahref's. Cookie Download Link Copy All the script You can copy (Ctrl + A) (Ctrl + C) Copy copy of Ahref's premium Cookies Script.

Ahref's Premium Cookies Download Link

Carefully Read This Before Use: This Cookie Will Work Only 10 AM to 12 PM in The Morning:

eyJpdiI6IklEbllzN25tdDFXK2tWczhTQXlxaWc9PSlslnZhbHVlljoiVkhrUDZoMDUxQkVmNUZPel N0a3RSdjZ4OFwvbFVzRnhqUTVoV0hWb1g1bFwvRldLZ0QxVDhWc0drbXZqNkJQME1Za3pH K1ZvWStKajhKbnhiNk5hMUFTdz09IiwibWFjljoiNTlxY2Q3YmNIMWMxN2Q2YTgyNmM3YzgzNj O1NTg5YjcwNDFhZjViMTAzNDdkYjhlZWRjYWJIMzA5NTgwOGY2NSJ9

Step 3. Now you have to open and click on EditThisCookie Extension which has already been installed.

Step 4. Now click on the "Ahrefs_Cookie" option. After that delete the old cookie and paste the new copied Ahrefs cookie into the box.

Step 5. After that you have to click on "XSRF_TOKEN" and delete Old Co and paste it on the new cookies which you have copied.

Step 6. Paste the cookies after clicking on the Green Color Tick [√] option.

Step 7. Now you refresh the Ahrefs page. And Enjoy! Ahref's Premium Account Free For Lifetime

NOTE: You do not have to log out of Free Premium Ahrefs if you log out, your cookies will expire and you will not be able to reaccess those cookies twice.

This free Ahrefs premium account Cookie Download Link We keep updating Please Comment below if any of the cookies expire so I will update it.We hope you like this tricks.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

How to Submit Blogger Sitemap To Bing Webmaster Tool and Yahoo

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How to Submit Blogger Sitemap To Bing Webmaster Tool and Yahoo

How to create and submit Blogger XML Sitemap in Bing Webmaster Tools. Index your blog post in Bing. How to properly generate and submit blog / website sitemap for Bing Webmaster Tools in this video, add all page URLs to the search console and earn more traffic on your blog for more earnings and use your XML for search engines. Create a Sitemap code and a previous Sitemap URL, the best custom robot header tag in my video, please watch this video carefully. Please do not forget to like, share, comment and subscribe to our Handy Tech channel for more videos.

Hello friends, in this video I told you how to Create and Submit Sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools. This video will be given to you.

Sitemap for XML blogger link: -
Bing Webmaster Tools: -
Submit your site to Bing: -

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Sunday, December 30, 2018

How to put or Insert Google Adsense Ads Code Under All Post Titles in Blogger

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How to put or Insert Google Adsense Ads Code Under All Post Titles in Blogger

Blogger is a famous weblog publishing tool from Google, which lets you share blog posts in the form of text, photos and videos. Even this amazing blogging platform gives you a theme or template and widget or gadget.

How to put or Insert Google Adsense Ads Code Under All Post Titles in Blogger

If you are using this blogging platform to earn money by monetizing a website or blog using Google Adsense. is a wonderful platform for bloggers who do not want to buy custom hosting and domains, but if you do not know how code is made, then you can find it difficult to customize the design you want. In addition, you will not be able to advertise in a particular area of ​​the theme to get more clicks.

On my YouTube channel, I get many questions about optimization every day and one of the most popular questions asked by many users is "How to put Google Adsense ads under all blog post titles?".

The question now is why many people want to advertise under the title in the blog post. The answer is very simple, this is the place that gives you higher clickthrough rate (CTR) than other locations.

You will find a lot of tutorials on the Web, which teach you step by step tutorials to add advertisements under the title in blogger, but still people fail to get positive results because they are old tutorials due to the new Blogger Template Editor Are not working.

Keeping this in mind, I decided to make an updated tutorial which is working fine and that will allow you to place Google Adsense ads under the post title in Blogger.

Steps to put Google AdSense Ads under all blog post titles
Create an ad unit below the heading (first part)

1. Go to your Google Adsense account.

2. You need to create a new ad unit here.

3. For better results under the Google Adsense Team title, the ad size 336 * 280 suggests a larger rectangle. But still all your wishes are the types of ads you want to keep.

4. Once you work with an ad optimization, click on Save and click on the code button.

5. As you are adding this code to your blogger theme. You need to parse this code in HTML related HTML entities. There are so many tools available on the web, this tool works well for me.

Note: If you do not follow the above steps, ads will not appear.

Put Google Adsesne ad code in Blogger (part two)

1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard

2. Here, click on the Template option on this page and click Edit HTML option and you will find the new Template Editor page.

3. Press Ctrl + F and you will find a search box.

4. Now using the search box, you will have to find the code given below, i.e.

<Data: post.body />

Make sure you see the search code in the template code editor and not for the full page.

Note: This code is available multiple times in the template code, you have to search for the third.

5. Once you are able to find the above code, then copy the code below to do what you have to do and paste it in step four above the code you searched for.

<b: If cond = 'data: blog.pageType == & quot; Items & quot; '>
Enter your ad code here
</ B: If>

6. Now your all coding will look something like this:

<b: If cond = 'data: blog.pageType == & quot; Items & quot; '>
Enter your ad code here
</ B: If>
<Data: post.body />

7. All you need to do is replace your ad code with the prase adsense ad code which you provided above.

8. Save the theme and open any post of your Blog.

Now if you follow all the above mentioned things, your ads will only be shown on the post page. Then try this step by step step guide and tell me Also, if you have any questions about this guide, feel free to ask me in the comments box. You can also use the Contact Us page for related questions.
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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

10 Best URL Shorteners To Make Money Online

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10 Best URL Shorteners To Make Money Online

10 Best URL Shorteners To Make Money Online

Well, most of us have the opinion that making money online is difficult. However, you will be happy to know that there is an easy way to earn money online. In fact, you can shorten the URL and earn money. Today, we share Best URL Shortener with you for earning online money.

By using the URL Shortening Service or Website, you can earn money online by shortening long URLs from different websites. The best part is that you do not need any technical skills. Apart from this, it is not mandatory to have a blog or website. However, if you have one, then this will be a bonus for you.

The short URL can be posted on your blog or website. You can post a short URL as well as social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or anywhere. Whenever a visitor clicks on your short URL, some money will be credited to his / her URL Shortener account. So, every click is likely to earn.

Internet has been a platform for a long time, in which people can share links that are interesting and important for themselves and their friends.

However, sometimes the URLs become long and ugly. In addition, sometimes URLs can have affiliate links that people want to hide.

Link sharing stopped from this

Everything came into play with the advent of URL Shortener Services / Websites.

You just need to enter your long, ugly or affiliate links into these URL shortener websites and they go completely to make it small and beautiful for free.

As time went by, URL Shortener Services became popular, because they started paying people to shorten their URLs.

How the URL Shortener Works?

Every time you click on a small link, you will be paid. These URL Shortener Services or Websites can pay $ 4- $ 5 for each 1000 visitors coming to each of your links. You pay them because you bring them traffic. These visitors will probably become their new users and customers.

When a visitor clicks on a given URL, the shortened URL will wait for 5 seconds and then it will be redirected to the original destination link. For these 5 seconds, the URL shortener service will display an ad. Like the completed page of 5 seconds or more (depending on the service for service) the page is redirected to the original destination.

It is recommended to avoid using a short URL on your website as it can unnecessarily annoy your visitors. Generally, you should use a short URL on the forums and social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Payment is done using the appropriate payment methods, which are using websites like PayPal.

Every URL shortener website or service pays different CPM rates. The CPM rate also depends on the country where people are opening small links. So, the CPM rate you get depends on the different countries as well as the shortener companies.

A shortened URL shortener website can pay its publisher $ 1 to $ 10 for every 1000 views at a small URL. They also provide a referral system in which if any are involved in using your referral link, then you will be entitled to a commission of 20% of their earnings.

How to Earn from a URL Shortener?

If you want to earn good with the URL Shortener, the best way to share any other post or article.

Find out some of the popular sites like news sites or viral news sites Use their URL and shorten that URL with URL Shortener Services and share that article, news, trending topic, viral images, videos and more with your URL.

You can share those trending topics on your social profile, forum or social sharing sites. People like to read trending news and click on your shared url, and you can earn money from it.

Now, we look at the best URL shortener to earn money.

Here Are the 10 Highest paying URL shortener website:

1. L2S.Pet - The Best URL Shortener Network

L2s.Pet is a completely free tool to shorten the URL and earn money. So, with L2s.Pet, you have an opportunity to earn extra money, this is one of the highest paid URL shorteners.

L2s.Pet makes it easy for you to start and earn money by shortening the URL.

you need to:

Create Account
Minimize your links
Post it and earn money for every trip
It's so easy

Using L2s.Pet, you can shorten the link and get paid! Making money from home becomes easier for you to manage and preserve your links.

L2s.Pet Admin Panel offers you all the controls with one click of a button. L2s.Pet provides detailed statistics for your visitors to know.

You can analyze and know what is the highest income for you. Then you can adopt strategies that give you the opportunity to earn more money with L2s.Pet.

It also runs a referral program where you can refer friends and get 21% of their earnings for life.

Also, there is a low minimum payment in L2s.Pet. You only need to earn $ 5 before paying.

You can earn $ 15 per 1000 views. The minimum payment is $ 1.25 per 1000 views.

L2s.Pet offers daily payments through Paypal, Bettowin and these bank accounts (for select countries). L2s.Pet has a dedicated support team to help you with any questions you may have.

The main features include:

  • Mass Shrinker
  • Mobile friendly
  • Social media traffic is allowed
  • API Method to Minimize
  • Magnet / torrent links supported
  • Full page script

2. - The best URL shortener for earning money

MiniURL is another popular URL shortener for earning money online. Like any other site, it's easy to get started with MiniURL. You can sign up with MiniURL in just one minute.

MiniURL pays $ 250 per 10000 ideas; You must share the shortened URL created by There are different rates for each country. You can earn good money with them.

You have to make a link smaller and share that URL on social sites, forums, blogs, and whenever you shorten that URL and go to the site, you will earn.

With their easy to use control panel, you can manage all your links and track your earnings. There is no capping on the repeating visitor, that means you can earn more than some other small services.

They also have a referral program which pays 20% for life; You need to give your friends MiniURL and 20% of your earnings, whatever your friends earn.

The minimum payment is only $ 5 which is done twice a month. You are paid in India through PayPal and Bank Transfer.

3. Shortzon - The highest paid URL shortener in India

Although Shorterzone is a relatively new URL Shortener Service, it has made its name and it is considered one of the most reliable URL Shortener Company. It provides a great opportunity to earn money online without spending a single $ (dollar). You can expect to earn up to $ 120 per 10000 ideas through shortjones, and in some countries, this can go up to $ 24 per CPM.

You can start by registering a free account on the shortjone, shrink your important URL, and share it with your fans and friends in blogs, forums, social media and more. The minimum payment is $ 3.00, and the payment is made through Paypal on a daily basis. . They provide 24 × 7 live chat support.

Shortszone also runs a referral program in which you can earn a flat commission of 20% for a lifetime. In addition, shortszone has not been banned anywhere, so you can earn from places where other URL shortening services are banned.

So, the shortszone provides an excellent opportunity to shrink the link and make money. You can earn up to $ 100 a day.

4. Clicksfly - Best URL Shortener to Make Money

Clicksfly is one of the best link securas to make money online. This gives the opportunity to shrink the URL and make money. You can earn on every link that you share and share 150 times per 150 times.
And starting with Clicksfly is very easy.

This is only a three-step process.

  • Create your account
  • Minimize your links
  • Make money for every visit
  • Clicksfly is one of the highest paid URL Shortener.

In addition, it comes in the form of a free tool and allows you to shorten the link. When you shorten the link and share it, you get the best part. Clicksfly has a smart admin panel that allows you to control all the features with one click of a button.

There is a minimum minimum payment in Clicksfly. You only need to earn $ 3.00 before you make a payment. They pay PayPal, Paytm, Payoneer, Bitcoin, and many more.

Clicksfly pays on Net7 Basis. Also, they offer 24 × 7 hero live chat support.

It is one of the highest rates in the industry.

Additionally, Clicksfly also runs a referral program. You can refer to your friends and get 20% of their earnings for life.

5. ULS Fun - URL Shortener to Make Money

ULS FUN is a modern URL shortener for making money online. You can shorten the URL and earn money with ULS FUN It's easy to get started with ULS FUN.

You must first create an account, shorten your link and make money online. You need to post a short link, and you will have to pay for every trip. It's so easy

Therefore, ULS exposes the URL to FUN URL as one of the best ways to earn extra money.

Apart from this, it's completely free. You get paid to shorten the link.

ULS FUN provides you the opportunity to make money from home while managing and maintaining your links. Its featured admin panel gives you all the controls with one click of a button. You can shorten the links faster with the API easier to use. Plus, you get detailed statistics and dedicated support.

The best part of ULS FUN is that this URL provides the highest rate between the shortener. You can earn up to $ 22 for 1000 ideas. There will be a low minimum payment of $ 5.00 before you will be paid.

All users pay through PayPal, Bet Quinn, Bank Transfer, WebMani etc.

ULS FUN also runs a referral program. You can refer friends and get 22% referral bonus (their earnings) for life.

6. is another popular URL shortener. allows you to shorten the URL and earn money. It is very easy to get started with

You have to create an account, shorten your link, and earn money for every trip. is a 100% free tool. runs a referral program that gives you an opportunity to earn 30% referral bonuses. So, you need to spread the word of this great service and earn even more money with your small links. You can mention friends and relatives, and get 30% of their earnings for life.

Some of the key features of are:

  • Especially admin panel: allow you to control all features with one click of a button
  • You get detailed statistics: analyze and know your audience in detail
  • Highest Rate: It offers the highest rates which should be gradually increased
  • API: You can make the link smaller faster and easier to use APIs
  • Extensive support: it provides a dedicated support team
  • Lowest Minimum Payment: You only need to earn $ 1 before paying
  • Multiple Payment Methods: It supports PayPal, WebMoney, Betcone, Payments, Bank Wire and Payair

7. - Best Link Shorteners is one of the fastest growing URL Shortener service and is one of the highest paid URL Shortener. Its beautiful domain name is helpful in generating more clicks than other URL shortener services, and therefore you get a good opportunity to earn more money from your small links. comes with many advanced features as well as customization options.

With you can earn $ 8 per 1000 views. It also counts many ideas from the same IP or person. Earning money by using your URL Shortener service with becomes easy. The minimum payment is $ 5. On 1 or 15 of the month, your earnings are automatically credited to your PayPal or Payoneer account.


BITL CC is another famous URL shortener for making money online. So, you can shorten the URL and earn money with BITL CC. Apart from this, it is completely free and easy to use.

It's easy to get started. You need to create an account. Shorten your link and post it to start earning money. It's so easy.

You can start making money from home using this free URL shortening tool - BITL CC.

It provides a powerful admin panel with which you can control all the features with just a click of a button. You get detailed statistics. It features easy to use APIs

The best thing with this tool is that it offers one of the highest rates. In addition, you have a low minimum payment with BITL CC which is set to $ 5.00 only. They pay all users through PayPal, Bank Transfer, WebMoney etc.

They offer high CPM rates as $ 10 for every 1000 ideas. You can earn more by referring your friends to because they pay whatever your referrals pay 23% referral bonuses.

last but not least; BITL CC has a dedicated support team which is always ready to help.

9. LinkshrinkL:

The Linkshrink URL Shortener service gives you the opportunity to monetize links to the internet. Linkshrink comes as the most trusted URL shortener service. It provides an advanced reporting system so that you can easily track the performance of your small links. You can use Linkshrink to shorten your long URL. With Linkshrink you can earn anywhere from $ 3 to $ 10 per $ 1000.

Linkshrink offers a lot of customization options. For example, you can change the URL or take a few custom messages in addition to the general link, "Skip this ad to increase your link click and ad on the ad" message. Linkshrink also offers a flat $ 25 commission on your referral. Minimum payment with Linkshrink is $ 5. It pays you through PayPal, Payza or Bitcoin.

10. is another very popular and most reliable URL Shortening Company. comes in the form of a user-friendly URL Shortener service, in which there are many creative options for making money by monetizing a shared link. This modern URL shortener provides you the opportunity to earn $ 5 to $ 15 per 1000 views to boost their small links.

For WordPress Bloggers, brings your WordPress Plugin which will help you greatly increase your earnings. has a low minimum payment of $ 5.

Payment is automatically credited on the 10th of every month. Payment methods include PayPal, Payorner, and WebMoney. It also offers the opportunity for earning a referral in which you can earn a 20% commission on referrals for a lifetime.

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Monday, December 24, 2018

Low price and Best Web Hosting providers in India

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Low price and Best Web Hosting providers in India

Low price and Best Web Hosting providers in India

How to Find Low price and Best Web Hosting Provider Companies in India:

Affordable and best web hosting providers in India: Today we will talk about where you will find affordable and secure web hosting providers in India. Affordable and Best Web Hosting and Safe Web Hosting in India If you are a blogger or business owner then you will definitely be familiar with the website. To host any website, web hosting is needed. Just like the memory card in the mobile, any media file (music, image, video) is stored in it. In the same way, the website has to buy a place to do online on the Internet. 64 GB memory card is very Low price. But the 5 GB space for the website is also very expensive. Some people might think that if the memory card is so Low price, then why does this hosting company take 3 to 4 thousand rupees a year?

How to Buy Low price and Best Web Hosting:

The storage device used in mobile or computer is very Low price but web hosting has to be paid every year. There are many reasons for this. Web hosting is also a kind of storage, but there are many things in it and these reasons are expensive. Before buying web hosting, many aspects have to be paid because it is not possible to change it frequently. Whenever you buy a hosting, you have to pay the full year. Always buy good hosting in such a way. Good hosting means buying your hosting according to your needs. "Low price and Best Web Hosting Providers in India"

Why Buying Low price and Best Web Hosting is Important:

To create online data, buy space on the internet. To make the website online, it is necessary to save the site without hosting any storage device. Web hosting company also provides website backup service, which can recover website data again when bad, web hosting is required to store the website's data store. Web hosting is like a memory card in which the site host can host, web hosting is very important to keep the website safe.

Low price and Best Web Hosting Company List:

There are many companies in the world who provide very Low price and best web hosting, better hosting server and country for country if the server is in the same country then the website will be loaded quickly. It is time in the microsecond that the person does not know. But the system gets to know. It's also a Google ranking factor. Ranking depends not only on website loading but also server quality. The company which has the full facility to host 24 * 7 support and website, provides us hosting at some charge according to our annual year, which gives them the benefit of the companies and we get hosting in less money also. Before buying web hosting, some important buttons have to be kept in mind. Below you have been given the name of some websites from which you can buy hosting. Unlimited web space for a domain of friends can buy for only 1 year at Rs 999. is much lower price than other web servers. From time to time, it offers to provide more value. Its web server is also good speed. You may have a little problem in support and that too due to language. But the web server is worth buying. If you are hosting small domains with 100 MB of tech data, then this hosting company is the best for you. Since cube hosting India offers yes to only Rs 100, hosting facility for only 1 year in only Rs 100. also offers affordable and fast web hosting service. The specific thing about hosting is that it provides you with secure hosting.
  • MilesWeb
  • Hostgator
  • go Daddy
  • Bluehost
  • Bigrock and more.
Carefully note these things when buying Low price and best web hosting:
  • Speed ​​and uptime should be read
  • Find information about the proposal
  • Read that company's review on search engines
  • After getting information about customer care and support, take web hosting.
  • Check to see where the server's data center is located.
Low price and Best Web Hosting Types:

There are two types of web hosting:
  • LINUX 
  • Windows
There are 3 types of web hosting servers:
  • Shared web hosting
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Dedicated hosting
Shared Net Website Hosting: Shared internet web hosting means sharing the web hosting. Shared internet web hosting has the identical server wherein the files of many websites are simultaneous. this is why this internet website hosting has been named Shared web hosting. a few Shared hosting carriers provide 86f68e4d402306ad3cd330d005134dac services at very low value because many web sites are hosted at the identical bodily Server inside Shared hosting. If there are new web sites then this is the first-class hosting. whilst every day visitors are too much and Webmaster comes to mistakes then just alternate the web hosting. almost all new bloggers use Shared internet hosting only. There are a few limitations in this, but it's far a very good web hosting to start with. a few new bloggers additionally assume that in the starting, receiving a dedicated Server, the reaction will be correct. that is relatively proper. talk about ROI (return of investment), then it is no longer right. need to use Shared Server for some days. "reasonably-priced and pleasant net website hosting"

Virtual Private Server Web Hosting: digital personal Server web hosting is called VPS website hosting. Sharing of one or extra Server computer assets in VPS hosting may be completed. in this, one-of-a-kind resource is used for a virtual Server, it does not need to be shared with any other internet site in order that the internet site gets security, it is pricey from web hosting Shared web hosting. digital personal Server web hosting makes use of the internet site for extra visitors.

Committed Web Hosting: in this web web hosting, a separate internet Server is supplied. committed hosting carries a server which stores simplest one and best document keep. It has a website speedy Load and might handle the person's request extra. there's no sharing in it, and those are the maximum luxurious web sites that have more site visitors on the net. This is ideal for net website hosting. but, beginning, it is not truthful to make investments cash in it.

Reasonably-priced and Exceptional Internet Website Hosting Manual: The list of websites above is to be had from which you can purchase the website hosting area. There are some steps to be able to buy hosting. there may be best one way to shop for hosting from almost all websites. Google search before shopping for hosting continually Has a few offer Of All companies but, this provide is relevant for the primary payment. think if a organization is supplying a 50% provide and if someone took one month, then handiest for the primary month will the offer apply. The whole money will be required from the second one month. To take advantage of the website hosting offer, you should purchase web hosting for as long as feasible.

Step1.) Travelling the website of any organisation who needs to shop for website hosting will display numerous other alternatives here. Now pick out one of those hosting that appears proper.

Step2.) Before taking a hosting, right here is the name of the area to be named, which website are shopping for web hosting. If area name has already been bought, then it is a good idea to shop for a website name if it isn't purchased.

Step3.) Ever to comply with a similar step as quickly as the product purchases from Flipkart or Amazon. here's additionally the add to Cart. Now you may be requested to pay. earlier than you make a fee, see if the offer is carried out or if no longer, then before the coupon code of the offer, apply a few cut price.

Step four Now pay whatever is Billing amount on-line. payment will be logged into the website hosting account itself. you may host any internet site you need to host right here.


Before purchasing internet website hosting, please understand your needs nicely. what is right for you. what's the finances for hosting now and what to do? it is also crucial to understand what website is built on. because the .internet website requires windows hosting. Now comes the unique hosting for WordPress. However WordPress can host on Linux website hosting too.

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Top Indian Educational YouTube Channels to Learn of 2019

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Top Indian Educational YouTube Channels to Learn of 2019

Top Indian Educational YouTube Channels to Learn of 2019

With an observer nation towards scholars and academics, it is a little surprising that there is an overkill especially in the field of online education. We have individuals for corporates, who organize content in different degrees of academic education, systematically, according to the needs of the students. A glimpse of the top 10 such channels in online popularity can be seen here.

More than 4 billion videos on YouTube are watched every day. It has become a platform for everything. Whether it is the issue of technology or getting new updates in a wide area, YouTube has it all. YouTube's massive size has added to the whole web in the last few years. If you need to learn something new, maybe not fret - YouTube might have covered you.

It's easy to get lost on the vast list of videos on YouTube, we've collected the list of top Indian YouTube channels for learning, knowledge and development.

Study IQ Education:
Study IQ Education

Study-IQ Education is an education platform to be trusted by millions of people around the world. With more than 12 million views per month and 10 million subscribers, it is the most watched and most subscribed on YouTube in India. It prepares the audience in all government examinations like UPSC, SSC CGL, Bank PO, LIC, RBI Assistant, RBI Grade B, IAS / IRS / IPS, UPPSC, MPPSC, MPSC, TPSPSC, TPSC, HCS, RAS. , CLAT, Hotel Management entrance, BBA and hundreds of other examinations.

Mahendra Guru:
Mahendra Guru

Mahendra is the official YouTube channel of Mahendra Educational Private Limited, which is special for facilitating online classrooms for banks, SSCs, railways and other competitive examinations. They are among the most visited, liked and subscribed educational platforms, where not only subjective basic concepts are approved, but small moves are also provided from zero level to high difficulty level.
In addition, they provide tips and tricks along with preparation for upcoming vacancy updates, exam reviews, exam analysis, how to test within the stipulated time period. They are experts in preparing for government examinations like RBI, SBI PO 2017, SBI Clerk, SBI SO, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS SO, RRB PO, RRB Clerk, RRB SO, RRB NTPC, SSC CGL 2017, SSC CHSL and many others. . more.

Unacademy is India's largest free education initiative. They believe in providing high quality educational videos for free for everyone. Its goal is to have the complete education of the world on our platform in all languages. In the forum there are teachers from all over the country who teach as high-quality educational lessons. Unacademy has been established by Gaurav Munjal, Roman Saini, Hemesh Singh and Sachin Gupta.

Learn engineering:
Learn engineering

This channel was founded in 2012 by IIT Delhi Post Graduate Sabin Mathew. In Learning Engineering, their aim is to provide quality engineering education. Their videos have been prepared to clear wrong assumptions, generate passion for engineering and explain complex techniques in a simple way. It is the only channel in the list of top 10 Indian YouTube channels to learn that focuses on engineering educational content.


This channel offers technical lectures from seven Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore. It falls under a network for 24 different channels devoted to each subject, in which there is a complete list of NPTEEL courses. NPTEL offers your preferred courses for certification. You can study, write an exam and get a certificate from IIT!

ExamFear Education:

ExamFear Education

There are more than 5,600 educational video lessons on the experiments of physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology and English, medical entrance exam, video and science for classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 beside the channel. first. They assure you to learn deeply along with fun. It also has an Hindi version of Channel called ExamFear Education - Hindi.

Dr. Vikram:
Dr. Vikram

Dr. Vikram is a channel lead in which a person drops It is Vikram. He uploads videos related to the surgical and medical industry. Its aim is to increase medical education in the country and thus classify its channel as an educational and information broadcast channel. He uploads the video every week.

ZeeQ  India:

ZeeQ  India

ZeeQ is leading in providing the best entertainment for children of all ages. A mix of animation and DIY materials makes ZeeQ the destination for all things related to children's entertainment. It is well known for providing such material that can be seen by children without any supervision. All ZeeQ content is carefully curated so that it can not provide any harmful effects to the children watching it.

For More Websites See The full Vedio:-

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