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Monday, December 24, 2018

Best Digital Marketing Channels of 2019 to Increase Your Business Fast

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Best Digital Marketing Channels of 2019 to Increase Your Business Fast

Your business may have been doing well till the traditional marketing strategy, but now that the generation has updated with the digital world, you also need to take your marketing strategy in the next level. Here we are talking about many digital marketing channels that will definitely help you in your business and improve marketing methods.

You already know how digital marketing channels (also called online marketing channels) that will definitely help you in your business, even I have got real help from this channel.
All In One Digital Marketing Guide For Beginners

What are the Digital Marketing Channels?

Since digital marketing is required in the present era, you should be familiar with many channels of digital marketing. Here is a list of marketing channels that you should use for your business.

social media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
email marketing
affiliate marketing
display advertising

How do digital marketing channels help you increase your business?

Each digital channel helps you develop your business with every aspect, whether it's free or paid.
Some digital marketing campaigns help you promote your ideas with viewers, help to promote some products, while helping to create more productive activities to reach some goal.

Let's discuss some digital channels.

social media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing is a plan where you promote your business ideas along with products on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and many other platforms.
How does it help to develop your business?
Using social media marketing, you can display your thoughts on social media platforms. As we spend a good amount of all time, your views are seen by a lot of people in less time. So SMM will be one of the great digital channels to promote your business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Search engine optimization is a way through which your business can get better visibility in search engines like Google, bing, yahoo or YouTube (learn 9 SEO techniques) (in hindi) with live demos on our YouTube channel.

Search engine optimization basically helps you rank in the digital industry. When a user searches for a particular keyword, the results are based on SEO.

It helps in developing a better rank for your site in the digital world, through which you can increase traffic to your website (best way to increase blog traffic in minimal effort and it is better than your competitors Also helps in making rank

Pay Per Click (PPC):

Pay per click helps your ads basically in many areas, the advertiser who pays a certain amount of money to the agencies in every click pattern.

Because this allows you to decide what ads you want to show, so it basically gives you control over the ads that you pay only for the amount of money.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is one of the major digital marketing channels and is one of my favorites because it has helped me to get a lot of traffic. In this plan, you basically send emails to every customer to keep updates about the updates, standards and protocols of the website.
Get a complete guide to email marketing.

This digital channel basically helps you to build a good relationship with your customers, as well as if you meet the requirements of your existing customers, they will serve as your free promotional elements, along with that you Some new customers will be found.

Content Marketing:

It's a digital marketing channel that helps you promote your business with the help of content. To improve your business, you must have content that meets the needs of the audience and which is completely unique. On the other hand, content should also be discussed on brand or business, through which the company can earn profit.

You can certainly throw some good stuff that will help build trust with the audience. This allows you to tell the audience about the company's brand and business ideas.

Affiliate Marketing:

Digital marketers involve participation in affiliate marketing. Basically, you pay a specific amount to marketers for each service through the market marketing process.

This online marketing channel allows you to deal with marketers for the services they provide. Basically, it promotes business sales.

Display Advertising:

The concept of display advertising is basically displaying advertisements on many blogs and websites, in this case, you need to buy advertising space on any other website, which has a good amount of traffic, so that you get more exposure for your business Able to get more business. You can show your ad with the help of Google AdWords.

You will be charged on the basis of impressions, which means that you will need to pay as per your ads. This concept is called pay per impression (PPI).
In essence, this is a paid service through which you can gain visibility and more customers can get your business.


There were some important digital marketing channels described above that could be applied to marketing strategies. After understanding the business goals, find out which digital marketing channel best fits with it.
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Sunday, December 23, 2018

What is email marketing? - The right guide for beginners

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What is email marketing? - The right guide for beginners

If you are looking for some great strategies to build a great traffic, then I can guarantee that this article is the best way for you. Since I have written about every detail about the strategy and it has also helped me to generate more traffic for my content.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the business strategies for advertising your product through email to grab some profit.
This helps your readers to update with the best option available every time. It basically helps in establishing better relationships with customers.

Benefits of Email Marketing:

Email marketing is a true strategy in the current world to attract new customers and earn profit.
It can be beneficial in many manners

  • The time, money and the need for a low amount of human resources.
  • Newsletters can easily be sent to your visitors.
  • It's easy to set up strategies.
  • The email marketing campaign can be easily tracked.
  • Helps in updating customers about the website.
  • About 94% of people have an email ID, which allows board marketing to be done in an email way.
  • Allows mass mailing in a simple click.
How to do email marketing?

1. Establish your goal:

It is basically one of the most important aspects of marketing area. Actually, sit on the campaign monitor for a while before jumping directly and think about the audience you are going to target.

2. Create your email list:

The first question that arises in your mind, can be that where to get email for marketing? OK, you do not have to worry because there are several ways to get an email list.

  • Include sign-up form on your blog or website.
  • Make your sign-up page look attractive to people
  • Make sure you ask your friends to sign-up.
  • If you have written a useful content, then try to finish it by asking a question that helps you create your email list.
  • Promote your website in many social media platforms and ask people to subscribe.
  • If there is a customer, then give discounts when purchasing the product.
  • You can also host some competition and ask the user to sign-in whether they want to participate.
  • Add a sign-up form to the footer or on the sidebar of the website.
3. Create Campaign:

Once you follow the steps above, start creating a campaign.

How will email marketing help your business grow?

Let's pay attention to the benefits that email marketing provides to your business.

  • Secret site visitors in daily clients
  • Helps in developing your audience.
  • If you really have some useful content, then your customers are also promoting the brand.
  • Increase website traffic.
  • Promoting sales by promoting products and services.
  • Improves relationship with the customer.
Email marketing companies and equipment:

Here is a list of email marketing tools provided by different companies.

So this was some basic idea about the email marketing strategy.

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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Fastest way of indexing in search engines By Pingomatic

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Fastest way of indexing in search engines By Pingomatic
Fastest way of indexing in search engines By Pingomatic

Before going into the real stuff, understand what is ping so that you can keep a better understanding of the pingomatic word.

Know About what is pingomatic ?

"Pingomatic" is the best tool that will help you to quickly index your blog in a number of search engines in one click. Technically we can say that Pingomatic is a service that informs many search engines that your website has been updated (you have published a new article).

Most bloggers and SEO experts recommend this tool to quickly index your fresh content URL, this is an essential tool that will help you to get recognized by many search engines in a short time frame.

Now the question is why is it important? Let's understand this with some simple and real time examples.
Fastest way of indexing in search engines By Pingomatic

Why is pingomatic required ?

Pingomatic: Pingomatic will help you get organic traffic.

Let's take an example that today you have published a new article on your blog and started doing SEO it at a special URL such as Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Forum, Web 2.0 Submissions, etc. 

But all these activities will not tell those search engines who have published a new article on your blog.

It is our job to send information to the search engine and let us know that "Hey Google" I have published this article today and here the article's URL please put it in your directory. So if a user is searching for this in Google or any search engine can show this article in the search result.

By now we understand what is ping and its importance now let us understand how it works so that we can keep a clear picture.

How does pingomatic work?

Rather than coming into the technical flow of pingomatic, let's understand the simplest terms when we submit our blog URL using ping-o-matic, it sends several pings to search engines.

It tells the search engine "This website (your website URL) has published a new article" and crawl this website. And then the search engine bots come to your site and crawls the page and indexes the new URL.

Verify that what you have done is absolutely correct or not?

Here's the step to verify and confirm whether your newly published URL is indexed in search engines.

  • Type the site: "Your Domain Name" Example Site:
  • And Press enter key or search
  • Insert Adsense Code into your articles easily with Quick Adsense

You should be able to see your new / new articles in the search results (usually it takes less time to crawl the website, so once you have ping, wait a few hours and then check it. Should appear in search results. First / Second page

How to use pingomatic?

Using pingomatic is very simple, even if you are the beginner.
Fastest way of indexing in search engines By Pingomatic

To use pingomatic, follow these steps:

  • Open pingomatic
  • Enter your blog name
  • Enter your blog homepage URL
  • Check the entire box (these are search engines, all will be notified once clicking the Send pings button)
  • Finally click on Send Pings

and you are done.

Benefits of pingomatic?

  • Fastest way to index in many search engines.
  • Simple interface that makes it user friendly.
  • If you've created a backlink on an article, it will also help you to index those people too.
  • On Certified and Most Recovered Tools for Blogger.
  • There is no need to go to several search consoles to submit your new URL.

Final Conclusion:

Pingomatic is a tool that will help you quickly index your new article in several search engines in a few steps. O is highly recommended for the Matic News website, or which often updates the blog, because the site has to be indexed as soon as possible so that it can appear in search results
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Monday, December 10, 2018

10 Proven Strategies to Increase more traffic and clicks on a website

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10 Proven Strategies to Increase more traffic and clicks on a website

10 Proven Strategies to Increase more traffic and clicks on a website

Finding a huge website traffic these days is to find an aroma in gold. Which appears to be quite impossible.

But when you work hard to achieve something then there is no impossible thing in this universe, because when you break it in small pieces, then impossible it also says "I am possible"!!!

So, the same thing that you had to do for your blog too. You had to find parts that would help you break those impossible things and help bring a bunch of traffic to your site.

But, there comes a question in your mind. What are those things that are sun and how can we find them?

Do not worry dear because your brother always lives there.

So, here's an expert's advice to get a traffic on your website or a blog post that I wrote specifically for you.

I hope these types of advice from experts will be very useful for all of you.

Although the way to give advice can vary from person to person. But, I had a good faith that this would help you a lot and bring more traffic to your site. So, let's see what they are:


Google Search Console

Submitting your blog or website to Google Search Console is the greatest way to pull organic traffic on your site.

And this is the first step you should consider after publishing a new blog. Therefore, to get more website visitors, you had to submit the post to a search console and you also had to submit your website sitemap, which will help you rank your post on Google.



Do you know, the best way to get a bunch of traffic is by sharing social media?

According to statistics, 75% of traffic comes from every website on social media and the rest of the traffic comes from the search engine systematically.

You can upload your content to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn e.t.c. Can share on So that your friends, family and relatives come to you

This is the best method that always worked for me and will work for you too. And I always advise you to do this.



Creating a Facebook page or community on a YouTube is another great way to catch traffic. You can imagine what this man is talking about but this is true.

Yes! Creating your own YouTube channel and Facebook page is the best hack for giving your website, fan and followers the path of your website.

You can share your content, website or blog post on the page or channel and get a huge traffic.

So, if you do not have your own YouTube channel or Facebook page, then start it today and its other advantage is that you can earn money since then.

If you want to know how to earn money from the Facebook page, then you can get help from this article.



The best way to get heavy traffic on your site is by guest posting. Guest postings mean that you had to write an article for other websites.

You can ask me, why should I write a post for others' website? Have you been a madman !!! If I wrote for others, what are the benefits to me?

Of course, these are the common questions that came to my mind when I first listened to it. But in the end, I also knew that this is also a big advantage for our website and the first advantage is that we can get a quality backlink on our website which is very useful in ranking on our site SEO and Google.

Its other advantage is that after reading the readers you get popularity from it. So, if you have not posted the guest till you can even start it on my website.



The second best way to get traffic to your blog is to publish another post on your site. And if you are the owner of the website then it is very useful for the owner of the website. There may be questions on your mind, sun, how do I post a free person on my site?

The way you can share your revenue with them so that they are interested in writing a blog post on your site that will increase the public's promotion on your site and when someone writes a post on your site, the author will promote the post, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram e.t.c. Will share on. to show your friends and it will indirectly increase your website traffic and popularity.



Many people ignore to create a LinkedIn profile. Because of this, they miss heavy traffic and at this point, they go back 1 step.

And that's the reason I post Linkedin a different number though I have already placed the social media. So sign up for LinkedIn today and share your marketing profile in a LinkedIn so that the traffic comes to you.



Making video to explain your content is also the best way to attract more traffic as visitors understand your content more easily on video.

You can publish your video on YouTube about your post topics and embed on top of your website post. This would be the best way to draw people's intentions. You can also earn through your video, which will be plus point for you.



Let me give you some explanation about long tail keywords In fact, long tail keywords or a child keyword are related keywords related to your post topics. Notice that you are posting a blog on "how to post" topics.

You then had to put all related keywords on these topics on your related posts: How to make coffee at home, how to make instant coffee, how to make coffee powder, best coffee, e.t.c. Which helps bring more visitors to your post with this keyword.



As you had to be your carrier in the material carrier. You will not be poor, invest in some money in advertising to get traffic. As you know, advertising is the best way to get more traffic to your site or blog. You can turn that payment traffic into a profit-making business.

You can use Google, AdWords to run your ad. You can also run your ad on Facebook, Instagram and any other social media advertising platform. This will help you get additional traffic.



You can use different payment tools or free tools to research your website's SEO or keywords. You Ahrefs, SEmrush, Moz, KWfinder e.t.c. Such as tools. And get bigger benefits from them.

But out of all these tools, I personally like SEMUS and I recommend you use the SEmrush SEO tool which is the best among all and not much like ahrefs. I personally use it to investigate the SEO of researchers from my sites and keywords. Other tools like Ahrefs, Moz, KWfinder e.t.c. Can also be used.These are not too bad.

I personally use it to investigate the SEO of researchers of my sites and keywords. Other tools like Ahrefs, Moz, KWfinder e.t.c. Can also be used. These are  not too useless.


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Thursday, December 6, 2018

How to create Free Amazon Affiliate Website in 10 minutes?

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How to create Free Amazon Affiliate Website in 10 minutes?

How to create Free Amazon Affiliate Website in 10 minutes?

Hello friends ! Today we are going to tell you a very important thing for you so that you can move another step further in the online world and easily earn some money. As we have already told you in the past, how you can reduce money on the internet in today's day.

Today, one of the very important topics that we call in English is called Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing and today we will tell you how to create a beautiful Free Amazon Affiliate Website in 10 minutes.

What is Amazon Affiliate Website?

This is a website where you review the review of any one or more Amazon products or products, and when someone purchases that product from the link given to you, then Amazon gives you its commission.

Not just Amazon, there are many shopping sites and companies that offer affiliate marketing. Selling another website's salmon on your website and getting commission from it is called affiliate marketing.

There are several websites on the internet today that you can Affiliate Marketing for their products or materials. According to your liking, choose which type of products you want to affiliate marketing.

After doing so much research on the internet, we have found that it is also very easy to sell the affiliate of Amazon and to associate it with Affiliate Program. This is because Amazon has almost all kinds of content, which makes it very much consumable.

How to create Free Amazon Affiliate Website in 10 minutes?

As we are talking about creating an Amazon Affiliate website in Free, we have chosen Blogger. If you have a WordPress blog like Paid Blogging Platform, you can also create your website on it. So let's summarize you the whole step -

1. How to create a free blog on Blogger?

Blogger is the most popular blogging platform for indexing your website free and quickly on the Search Engine. Firstly, go to this website and create your own blog. Buy your own domain at a lower price according to the category of your favorite product or content and go to Settngs and set up the domain.

2. Make some general settings on Blogger's New Blog

Before posting anything on your website you need to do some general settings. First go to Setting> Basic Settings Write a correct and accurate title and description for the website.

Also to put online blogs on the Privacy settings on the list and to make it easier for people to find your website on search engines. Look for the illustrations below and understand the picture below.

3. How to sign up for Amazon Affiliate Account?

To start this work, you will need to create an account by visiting Amazon Associate's website. It is very easy and it will take less than 30 seconds.

The Dashboard of the new Amazon Associate Account will look like the photo above. After that you have to login to's website without logout from that website.

4. How to write Amazon Affiliate Post on Blogger?

Below we have given some pictures, according to you, write your blog post. Whatever product you are about to write about, understand that product first.

As you can see below, we have written a post about insomnia products related to insomnia. So first of all write about Insomnia and explain the problems that arise from it.

  • As you can see below, we have written a post about insomnia products related to insomnia. So first of all write about Insomnia and explain the problems that arise from it.

  • First of all write about the category of the product you want to write in the heading and you should be the first target of that post by asking them about the inconvenience of the people. Like we have told people about Insomnia in this post. First of all tell them that this is the thing about which we are going to discuss.

  • In the second step, you tell them why it is inconvenience and tell them about the many reasons too. Tell them also what other symptoms can be. After that you tell them about its treatment.

  • The third and last step is the best! This work is most important. Here you will tell people about the products available to you on the Amazon Cross  Insomnia  Amazon. It is not that you write down the information about all the products there with good explanation.
Do some research at the most extreme according to the topic of your blog, which is the most accurate product. As we have written post about Insomnia, we must put any of the most important products associated with Insomnia with 3-5 photos. See the picture for retrieval.

  • Like we had forbidden you to sign out of Amazon Associate. Now it's turn to associate Amazon Affiliate Short Link with your post. Now visit website. As if your account is already signed in. You will see a Site Strip of Amazon Associate written text on top left.

  • You will see a button on the Amazon Associate tab that says TEXT Clicking that button will give you an Affiliate Short Link, put that link in the pictures of your product and in the Headings. After that publish your post.
  • After that publish your post and promote. Your Amazon Site has been ready. The most special thing is that the more readers you can bring to your website, the more your affiliate product will sell and you will be profited.
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What is Drop shipping? and We Must-Know Some Drop Shippers in India

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What is Drop shipping? and We Must-Know Some Drop Shippers in India

What is Drop shipping? and 10 Must-Know Drop Shippers in India

Know about Dropshipping?

If you are reading articles then surely shipping drop is not a new thing for you. However, you will get a myth on what is drop shipping? Let's start with the usual words. We hear many people who express their specific interests while roaming around drop shipping.
Drop shipping is a shipping method that is looked after by authentic whole vendors, distributors, or manufacturers where the real e-commerce stores do not stock those products that sell it. This means, when the e-commerce store receives an order, it buys the product from the entire seller and is sent directly to the customer.

Most of you would like to start a drop drop shipping. This is definitely not an easy task. It really has been realized that dropshopping is not just a model but an eco-system in which many dealers are using drop deal vendors.

Drop shipping in India is a service provided by bulk suppliers. Whenever your network offers drop shipping with wholesaler / retailer, you do not have to worry about goods, stocking or shipment merchandise. Instead, whenever you get an order from the customer, you come in contact with your wholesaler, and they will deliver it to your consumer.

This indicates that, like a trader, it sells different types of business without the liability of any stock inventory. This will give drop-shipping a very attractive business idea for many small and medium-level entrepreneurs who are looking forward to starting an internet-based business from the comfort of their homes. There are many drop shippers in India.

How do drop shippers work in India?

How do drop shippers work in India?

Regardless of what your strategy is for marketing products on the web (Flipkart, Amazon is some of the best Dropshipping sites).

Most people who are starting their first online company through online e-commerce stores, there is a lack of money to buy a place in the list of shares and keep the goods in such cases; They want to sell on the best drop shipping sites. This is where working with the actual drop shipper helps you save a great deal of cash.

As mentioned earlier, the real drop shipers in India are mainly certified wholesaler / retailers who provide drop shipping. It is not that all the wholesalers offer you to leave the shipping. The truth is that it is very challenging to find authentic, authorized wholesalers who will leave the ship and work with online retailers.

For online dealers, working with a drop shipper in India is very easy. You have to get the right drop shipper in which there are products that you want to market and sell.

Drop Shippers will provide product marketing collateral such as images and details that you need to publish on your e-commerce store where you want to sell online. Whenever a consumer purchases an item from your e-commerce store, after this place, the same order of the product to the wholesaler and they will distribute it to your customer.

How To Start Dropshipping In India?

Step 1: Selecting a Drop shipping Market:

Choosing a market for starting a drop shipping business is the first step. The increasing reputation of drop shipping indicates that the markets are finding it difficult to find which are not already occupied. However, new items and markets are showing weekly, so the possibilities are almost countless.

Here are several tips to help you in taking drop shippers in India.

Where is your experience?

First, use introspection and your interests. If you like holiday or outdoor trekking, then you are likely to have a specific understanding of the same offer and demand in those market segments.

Your are to find out your own problem:

This is the old school entrepreneurial tips. The idea is that, if there is a problem in your daily life then it is very possible that other people have the same. If you can determine the items to solve that problem, then you may have found an excellent drop shipping market.

You must Spy on your competitors:

Find out what your competitors are selling. Check that their products are attractive and not so competitive. You should be very curious to do market research.

 Must Check the profitability aspect:

The goal of the business will be to make cash, right? For this reason, you have to check earning.

Step 2): Find dropshipping suppliers:

Finding a reliable drop shipping supplier for many ambitious drop shipers in India is difficult to establish a company with drop shipers in India.

You depend on suppliers to keep your goods in stock and get updates on the stock to ensure the quality of the product, and check whether guaranteed customers are delivered to your customers immediately. Being a drop shipper, your supplier is your most important business partner.

We must need Things to check before you select the right drop shipping supplier:

Regular Connect with a drop shipper:

All the entire vendors or suppliers do not work as the best drop shipping sites. Many are only wholesalers or suppliers. Before making a call, make sure the supplier is a drop shipper.

Gain knowledge:

Find a dealer with enough expertise with drop shipping. Suppliers or dealers have a lot of duty with drop shipping, so, you want to make sure that you can always trust them.


Make sure that the drop shifter does not charge you. At the end of the day, you have to make sure your customer gets a cost effective product.

Offer fast shipping:

There are many drop ship suppliers in China. Therefore, you can not expect immediate shipping. However, you want to make sure that your customers get their products as fast as possible.

Possess quality items and high-quality product images:

You must always ask for product tests to test before assigning to the supplier.

Choose Offer recommendations on demand:

A great supplier, you have to voluntarily link to many other drop shipping companies in India who can confirm their support.

How to find reliable drop shippers in India?
How to find reliable drop shippers in India?

There are two ways to find good drop shipers in India. You can either watch online individually or use a commercial directory website.

Step 3): We must Have a Sales Taxation ID:

If you are planning to set up your company in India as a drop shipper, you will need a sales tax ID (retail or reseller permit, tax ID, resale number, resale certification or seller's license) . If you are planning to set up your company as a drop shipper in India, you will need a sales tax ID (retail or reseller permit, tax ID, resale number, resale certification or even seller's license).

Sales tax is used on most sales of real goods to customers, and usually occurs in relation to 6% -9% of the sales price.

Step 4): How to Choose Drop shipping platforms:

So you have selected the item, and you have arranged a supplier - now you need a place to start marketing and earn money.

We are need to Selecting the right marketing platform or online drop shippers in India is vital.

Know about Drop shipping companies in India along with best drop shipping sites.

1. Flipkart
2. Amazon
3. Myntra
4. Shopclues
5. Paytm

Since India is surprisingly excellent in the digital world and a large part of the population is involved in online shopping, hence there are excellent possibilities in this country of drop shipping. Let's find the top ten drop shipping companies in India.

  • Amazon
  •  Indiamart
  •  Hothaat
  •  TradeIndia
  •  Shopify
  •  ExportersIndia
  •  Wholesale7
  •  Pintrove
  •  Udghatan
  •  Chinabrands

Drop shipping can be a pleasant and profitable experience, provided the user is offered a product with a reputable company and at a reasonable price. We must always choose a drop shipper to avoid the risk of fraudulent actions. Good drop shipping companies in India should also provide warranty, fair return policy. It is also important to have appropriate policies to avoid complications in the future.

Some of the benefits offered by drop shipping companies in India are as follows:

1.) They save our time and money because we do not have to find or manage products for the warehouse and pay to collect products.

2.) One of the best advantages of drop shipping service is that with a low cost investment, any vendor can install an online store and customers can start a business to buy goods.

3.) There is no specific workplace and we can start our business from anywhere with any good internet connection, a cordial relationship with the supplier and transparent communication with our customers.

Drop shipping companies in India are an excellent solution for new e-commerce set up and vendors can get exceptional benefits from it.

Drop shipping is a new way of doing business in recent times where no one is required to invest money in stock. Whatever they do, they transfer customer order details for the manufacturer or other retailer or wholesaler who then sends the goods directly on their customer base and generates income from them.

Reader, This is a booklet for drop shipping business in the Indian market. If you think we have missed something important points, please comment below, I would love to hear your comments.

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