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Easy Backup & Restore v4.9.18 for Android

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Easy Backup & Restore v4.9.18 for Android

Easy Backup & Restore v4.9.18 for Android

Backup your Android phone!
Backup your important data with Easy Backup and Restore!

Backup and restore apps, call logs, MMS, SMS ,bookmarks , calendars, dictionaries and contacts found on your Android phone. Create backup for SD card or your cloud storage Manually backup or schedule automatic backups

If you want to preserve your phone data, easy backup and restore are the right app for you.

Back up your data so that you can recover it later. Restore saved data from your cloud storage or SD card.

You can also use this app to transfer data between phones - backup data from one phone and to restore your data to another phone.

Easy Backup & Restore 4.9.18

★ Easy backup and restore features:

► Data backup
, Backup contacts, SMS, MMS, call logs, calendars, bookmarks and dictionaries
✓ Backup Apps

Data restoration
And restore SMS, MMS, call log, calendar and dictionary
Restore Bookmarks (Lollipop and Bottom)
✓ Restore contact
✓ Restore the app
✓ batch restoration apps (root need)

► Save Backup for
✓ SD card
✓ Gmail
D Cloud Storage: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Box

Manage backups in easy backups and restores
✓ Schedule automatic backups or manually create backups
View Contents Backup Content
✓ Delete backup
. Export and email a backup content as an HTML file

Your SMS, MMS, call log, calendar, bookmark, dictionary and contact data are preserved in CSV, EML and VC file data:

SMS, call logs, calendars, bookmarks, dictionary are preserved in CSV file format
MMS is protected in ML file format
Contacts are preserved in the VCF file format

Backups contain files that are inside a zip archive and you can easily read those files in your phone or computer!
If your phone has inbuilt storage, the default backup location will probably be an internal storage card and not external. That's because the phone reports the storage.

Note: Since Android M, the bookmark has been disabled from the 3rd app, so this app can not back up and restore Android M and its subsequent bookmarks.
Note 2: Data Route is required to back up and restore apps.

Easy Backup & Restore 4.9.18

Requested permissions:

Read your text messages (SMS or MMS)
- Backup and restore your SMS messages

Add / Modify Calendar Events / Read Calendar Event
- Backup and restore your calendar events

Read your contacts / modify your contacts
- Backup and restore your contacts

Read / write call log
- Backup and restore your call log entries

Approximate / GPS location
- Used to provide useful information and suggestions

Change or delete the contents on your SD card and Read
- To write a backup of your SD card

Old Version 4.9.16 :-   Download

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Easy Backup Pro for Android

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Easy Backup Pro for Android

Easy Backup Pro

The description of Easy Backup Pro:

Easy Backup Pro Apk is an application that Permit you to restore deleted videos and pictures.
Easy Backup Pro Apk also helps you to recover your deleted Data's, conacts and your smartphone messages.
Easy Backup Pro gives you the possible chance to save all your files in the phone memory, in your SD card or in your Dropbox.

☆ Features:

● Backup and Restore
✓ Call records
✓ Calendar
✓ bookmarks
✓ Dictionary
✓ Contact
✓ Applications

● Backup and restore to / from
✓ SD Card
✓ Gmail
✓ Dropbox
✓ Google Drive
✓ onedrive
✓ Box

● Schedule automatic backups or manually create backups
● View backup content
● Send to backup content
● SD card backup applications,onedrive, Box , Google Drive,Dropbox 
● Backup data and restore app (Need Root)

● Batch restore apps (Need Root)

Your Call Log, MMS, SMS , Favorites, Dictionary, Calendar and Contact data is stored in CSV format, EML format and VCF file:

Sms, Journal,Favorites , Calendar, Dictionary -> CSV file format
Mms -> EML file format
Contact -> VCF file format

Actually, Backup consists of that kind of files that are inside a zip archive and you can easily play these files in your phone or your computer!
If your Smartphone has a built space, the default (Native) backup location will probably be the internal storage card and not external storage. This happens because the phone notifies storage in that way.

Remember that our team will Also make possible efforts to facilitate the use of our products.

Team Free Apps Pro Ltd.

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Now BETTY is like as SIRI or Now Google for New COMMAND LINE for Linux (Translates Plain ENGLISH INTO COMMANDS)

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Now BETTY is like as SIRI or Now Google for New COMMAND LINE for Linux (Translates Plain ENGLISH INTO COMMANDS)

Now BETTY is like as SIRI or Now Google for New COMMAND LINE for Linux (Translates Plain ENGLISH INTO COMMANDS)

Now BETTY is like Siri or Google Now for the command line. well sort of. This tool translates plain English into command: it runs the command and obviously, the command output, in the terminal

The BETTY voice is not controlled, so you still have to type your (plain english) command, but if you want, this command can speak the output.

Update: Betty Internet functionality does not currently work, at least in recent Ubuntu versions. However, you will find a solution for this.

BETTY's mission is to provide a way to "use the computer through natural language input" according to its Geethaub page:

"Specially, the benefit is being able to do things without leaving the command line on your computer or searching for the right commands around the internet without screwing around." Daughter just works. "

For example, if you can not remember accurate compresses and uncompressed commands (and can avoid such a situation like THIS), then you can just ask Betty to do the following:

Linux Terminal:~$
betty uncompress archive.tar.gz

Of course, the order supported by Betty at this time is very limited because the device is less than two weeks old but it should be improved very fast as it is not difficult to add new command (and already 17 contributors).

Betty supports 0.1.5 different types of commands, such as:

Counting (number of characters in a file, number of words in a directory, etc.);
config (rename your);
Datetime (current time, date, etc.);
Find (Find in Files);
Internet / web queries (download some files, find out what the weather is like, etc.);
Files / directories operations (compress / uncompress files, show file size, change permissions, etc.);
User command (my user name, real name, IP address, who is logged in, etc.);
Control iTunes and Spotify;

Here are some Betty examples:

Linux Terminal:~$
$ betty whats my username
Betty: Running whoami

Linux Terminal:~$
$ betty how many words are in gnome3 
Betty: Running find gnome3 -type f -exec wc -w {} \; | awk '{total += $1} END
{print total}'214

Linux Terminal:~$
$ betty download 
to ubuntu-14.10-daily.iso Betty:Running curl -o ubuntu-14.10-daily.iso

Linux Terminal:~$
$ betty give me permission to this directory
Betty: Running sudo chown -R `whoami` .

Linux Terminal:~$
$ betty turn web mode on
Betty: Web queries ON
$ betty whats the weather like in Bucharest
Asking the internet...
Betty: Bucuresti ,Bucarest : It is currently patchy light rain in area with thunder, 63 Degree Fahranheite

Linux Terminal:~$
$ betty turn web mode on
Betty: Web queries ON
$ betty translate "command line" to Spanish
Asking the internet...
Betty: Línea de comandos

Linux Terminal:~$
And of course:
$ betty whats the meaning of life
Betty: 42.

A complete list of supported commands @GitHub (under documentation) is available.

Check Update: There is a fix for Betty Internet queries not working in recent Ubuntu versions

Betty does not work by default in Ubuntu versions of Internet Commands (and possibly other Linux distributions too).

To fix this, you have to apply a patch. You can do this by using the following commands (which suppose you have removed Betty in the "Betty" folder in your home directory):

Linux Terminal:~$
cd ~/betty
patch -p1 < betty-ssl-fix.patch

Install Betty:

1. How to Install Ruby (required to use Betty) and curl (required by some Betty commands). In Ubuntu, install them using the following command:

Linux Terminal:~$
sudo apt-get install ruby curl

2. Install Gift and download the latest betty using the following commands:

Linux Terminal:~$
sudo apt-get install git
cd && git clone

Or, to download Betty without using Git, grab this archive, remove it in your home folder and name the removed folder as "Betty".

3. And finally, you have to add the path to your "/ beta / main.rb" file as the nickname for "Betty" for ~ / .bashrc file (Zsh users: instead of ~ / .zshrc, instead of ~ /. .bnashrc). Automatically do this by using the following commands (assuming that you have downloaded Betty in your home folder!):

Linux Terminal:~$
echo "alias betty=\"~/betty/main.rb\"" >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc

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Backup Easily Your Photos AND Videos from any Android and IOS devices to Your Windows,Mac or Linux Using DAEMON SYNC

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Backup Easily Your Photos AND Videos from any Android and IOS devices to Your Windows,Mac or Linux Using DAEMON SYNC

Easily Backup photos AND videos from any ANDROID and IOS devices to Your Windows,Mac or Linux with DAEMON SYNC

DAEMON Sync is a tool created by DAEMON Tools Developers, which allows users to back up files on desktop from mobile devices to local wireless networks.

The application is free to use but is not free and open source software, and it has two parts: the server that you have to install on your computer, available for Linux only (available deb files), Windows and Mac OS X, and Mobile App, which runs on Android and iOS.

Damon makes sync both interesting and useful in different situations, it does not require much configuration and data transfer is done on your local network (which can be used for security / privacy reasons along with transfer speed and Is good for the fact) without using third party servers, it requires a working internet connection to use is).

In addition, the app allows multiple devices to be backed up on the same computer and you can browse files that are supported from your desktop, any of them can be connected via DAEMON sync (you Choose which device is allowed to do this).

DAEMON is more than the backup compared to sync sync tool. This is because it does not see your files and constantly synchronizes them, and instead, it comes with a configurable sync interval, which is set to 15 minutes by default, (also on demand can go).

In addition, the only way to add files to your mobile device through DAEMON sync is to put them in a directory called "Sync folder", which makes the app on both your mobile and desktop and can not be changed.

However, according to developer comments posted on Google Play, two-way sync is currently in development, so it should be available at any point in DAEMON sync.

Regarding DAEMON sync, think of your family phone video and photos as an easy way to backup on a single desktop computer, all of them are accessed from every mobile device, with the DAEMON Sync Server app Was added, even without internet connection. As you are connected to the local network, obviously).

If you want more flexibility and options, including being able to sync files on many desktops, etc., "traditional" solutions with BTSync and Syncthing are dropbox clear options, but an easy photo / video for desktop backup solutions. Mobile runs on your local network and does not require internet connection to work, daemon sync works very well.

Install daemon sync:

Download DAEMON Sync (available for Linux: 32 and 64 bit deb, Windows and Mac OS X / iOS and Android)

To use DAEMON sync, you must install the iOS / Android app on your mobile device and the server application on your Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows computer.

Note: .deb is very badly packed, so you will not be able to install GDebi - Ubuntu Software Center, dpkg, through command line etc. to install it. Also, once you install it, you will not get DAEMON sync in the menu, however, you should find a shortcut on your desktop. You can also access it directly by typing "localhost: 8084" in the web browser.

It is also important to mention that on Linux, the default storage folder is "/ Media / DAEMONSyncStorage /", and within this folder you will find "Sync folder" which allows you to easily sync files back to your mobile device. . This folder can only be modified by root, so you should change its permissions (for example, you can change the owner using chown: "sudo chown sudo chown -R $ USER" / media / DAEMONSyncStorage). Hopefully this will be decided in the future. Demon Sync Release
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Use Google Play Downloader to download Android APK from Google Play Store on your computer

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Use Google Play Downloader to download Android APK from Google Play Store on your computer

Use Google Play Downloader to download Android APK from Google Play Store on your computer

Google Play Downloader is a simple open source application that can be used to download an APK on your computer from Google Play.

According to its developer, the app was made because it was not being "liked by the Android AOSP system Google root services, nor was it being registered in the Google Account database".

Google Play Downloader is not a few piracy tools and will not allow you to download paid apps and games. The tool can download only free games and apps and is useful if you want to back up Android APK files on your computer, if you do not want to install some apps directly through Googe Play for privacy or other reasons (For example, you can use it with this origin, in which Google Play is no longer included with its Android pictures) and so on.

To download the application, you need all things like a Gmail account and Android ID, but you can change it (for example, you can create a Gmail account specifically for example) from Google Play Downloader Settings.

If you change the email address in Google Play Downloader settings, make sure that you click on the "Generate new Android ID" button (requires Java) or download an APK will not work.

Download Google Play Downloader:

Important note for Ubuntu users: The debate only works with Ubuntu 14.04 and 14.10. For Ubuntu 14.04, you have to download the python-ndg-httpsclient from here and have to install it before attempting to install the Google Play Downloader Debate.

Download Google Play Downloader (debate or source)

You can install Google Play Downloader through the Arch Linux Users AUR.

Report any bugs you get here.

Update: If you get the "baduthenation" error when starting the app, you can try the application settings using the following details (click "Configure" on the right):

Gmail address:
Gmail password: jesuischarlie4
Android ID: 357a593af541dac8
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UAE Celebrated New Year's Eve 2019: All fireworks to see throughout this Country

UAE Celebrated New Year's Eve 2019: All fireworks to see throughout this Country

In the Emirates, from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah, the sky is planned to be played in the new year, many spectacular fireworks have been displayed.

Here in United Arab Emirates, we do not work, so you can expect some serious show including two world record breaking efforts. Burj Khalifa's fireworks are also returning to the ring in 2019 with the return of popular performance of Al-Marah Island.

Here are all planned demonstrations happening on Monday night:


Burj Khalifa:

The firework display of the famous New Year's Eve in downtown Dubai last year was replaced with laser show, but in 2019, the organizer Emaar Properties has promised another superb performance of fireworks so far that it is safely controlled Will go. In fact, 4,000 police officers - 2,000 patrols and 2,000 security guards - are being deployed to keep the area safe, because two million people fall downtown in downtown Dubai to become witnesses to the incident.

The Burj Khalifa # EmaarNYE2019 show will start from 11.57pm on December 31 and will include the lights, lasers and fireworks on and around the world's tallest building.

Also, Dubai Fountain offers a special tailor-made exhibition, discover food and drink shops at the South Ridge Lawn and a live DJ set in Burj Park, where there will be more food and beverage outlets.

Atlantis palm:

If you are one of the lucky people who booked tickets for Gala Dinner selling Atlantis the Palm, then you have a front seat on one of the city's most spectacular fireworks exhibitions. For those who can make free entry to the 11-km Boardwalk area of ​​Palm Jumeirah, which offers a spectacular view of the hotel and midnight show.

Burj Al Arab:

Perhaps the most notable hotel in Dubai - "Seven Star" Burj Al Arab - is known for showing an impressive firework every year. This year is no different. Landmark fireworks of the iconic city will work as a very installable backdrop for the demonstration. If you eat at the hotel or in one of the restaurants of Madinat Jumeirah, you have already booked the correct viewing place. To catch it for free, Kite is one of the best places to go to the beach, which is a public area adjacent to Burj Al Arab. But it will be very busy, so you can stand far off from the beach, even in Umm Sukim, and still get a good view.

Dubai Festival City:

Imagine, the new water and laser show attraction of Festival City is adding fireworks to the mix on this New Year's eve. On any day of the year, this free show covers the power of light, water and fire with 30 fountains and a surround sound system, not the world's largest water screen projection and the largest permanent projection mapping (both Guinness World Records Breakers), in the simplest form)

Since sunset, the show will start and four fireworks will be closed at 9:00 am and midnight between hours. In the new year you will also find a live band there for dancing and singing.

Global village:

Nobody can be ignored, Global Village is displaying seven 'countries' in the world's attractions on seven new fireworks on this new year's Eve. Each time at midnight, in one of the seven selected countries, a new firework display will be performed. This includes China (8pm Dubai Time), Thailand (9pm), Bangladesh (10pm), India (10.30pm), Pakistan (11pm), UAE (Midnight) and Russia (1am). A live DJ will maintain a crowd of spectators, while all the pavilions will perform on stage as part of the event. The price of New Year's Eve Package is Dh249, you can offer this discount to the entire Global Village, which will be closed at 2 o'clock

La mer:

Midnight skies will also be illuminated with a spectacular firework display from Dubai's newest beachfront spots. From 6 pm, La Mer is hosting beach parties by 1 pm under the leadership of North and South, DJ, R & B, Home, Hip-Hop and Pop Tunes. Not only will there be fireworks but also a spectacular LED light show, as well as many gweezers. You can dine in the beach or any restaurant in the area to get a good view.

Al Saif:

One of the new waterfront spots in Dubai is Al Saif, where AJ and the band and DJ Tones perform live on the eve of New Year so that you can dance nightly in the form of a firework display ring in 2019. This area merges Dubai Creek's old world charm. With a contemporary setting, where more than 50 creek-side restaurants are hosting a special New Year eve package and offering the best seats in the house to catch a sparkling midnight show. Why not check the door freestyle grill and order 23-carat gold-coated fish - and say hello in the real style of Dubai in 2019?

Abu dhabi

The Corniche:

Abu Dhabi is ready to finish the disclosures 2018 with a bang - a world record as well as the display of fireworks illuminated the sky. A 10-minute light show in Corniche aims to break the Guinness World Records for the country and create 'Happy New Year 2019'. Using an array of colors and configurations, the performance will reach a height of 40 meters.

Al Marah island:

Celebrating the new year of Al Marah Island is one of the most popular in Abu Dhabi, in which two of the world's most favorite singers - Amar Diab of Egypt and Marim Ferre of Lebanon - perform a free concert. After their performance there will be a big midnight firework display - but you want to go there early because it is expected to be very busy, and parking is limited.

Yas island:

Yes Island will light up with an incredible midnight show after the traditional countdown. The exhibition will take place in the marina, the bar and the restaurant can see lots of places with water view. However, anyone who is planning to go there is advised to get down soon because he is expected to be busy.

Emirate palace:

With a party on the Palace Trace, the stars in the New Year under the stars, which will end on the beach with the performance of midnight fireworks. If you missed the ticket, you would still see fireworks from Corniche or Marina Village water.

Ras Al Khaimah:

Ras Al Khaimah will aim to create a new Guinness World Record with its 2019 fireworks, which hopes to take the title of the longest straight line performance. The rocket will be closed 11.83 km, making an incredible 12-minute display, which will be visible from three major locations.

This effort will be in Al Marjan Island, which will have additional visual areas in Al Shohda Street and Al Wassal Street. There are 27,000 free parking spaces in the three viewing areas.


In Sharjah there will be a spectacular 10 minute firework show in the ring in 2019. This exhibition will be in Al Majaz Waterfront, one of Sharjah's top family places. Launching from 16 halves, the exhibition will be set for contemporary music and in a special light show in nearby Sharjah Fountain.
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Everybody must know Everything about Facebook Messenger

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Everybody must know Everything about Facebook Messenger 

Messenger, an instant messaging service owned by Facebook, can do a lot more than sending text. Following are the acquisition of Beluga, a group messaging app, Facebook launched Messenger in August 2011. Although it is owned and operated by Facebook, the app and website are different from Facebook.

You must not be on Facebook's website or even a Facebook account to use Messenger. When you keep a Facebook account, both are partially connected, but you do not have to be one to use Messenger.

How to access Facebook Messenger:

Messenger can be used on Messenger computers with Facebook on your computer or accessed by the Mobile Messenger app on Android and iOS devices. Because Messenger works on iPhones, it also works on Apple Watch.

Even though the Messenger website is easily available on your computer through your Facebook account and mobile app, but you can install add-ons in some browsers that are designed to make it easy to use. These add-ons are not the official Facebook app. They are third party extensions which non-Facebook developers release for free. For example, Firefox users can place Messenger on the edge of their screen and can use it on other websites, in the split-screen fashion, for Facebook Add-ons with Messenger.

Facebook Messenger Features:

There are so many features in messenger. The fact is that you do not have a Facebook account to use Messenger, it means that these allowances are also available to those people who have not signed up for Facebook or have closed their accounts.

Send text, pictures and videos:

At its core, Messenger is a texting app for both one-on-one and group messages, but it can also send images and videos. Messenger includes lots of built-in emoji, stickers and GIFs that you can find out exactly what you want send.

In order to see some useful small features included in Messenger, its typing indicator is when the person is writing something, when the message was sent, one more, most recently read for receipts, read receipts and timestamps.

Like Facebook, Messenger gives you feedback on both the website and the app.

Something about sharing images and videos via Messenger is that the app and website gather all the media files so that you can easily shift through them.

If you are using Messenger with your Facebook account, then any private Facebook message is displayed in Messenger. You can remove the collection along with these texts and can hide the message at any time to hide or show it from continuous view.

Voice or video call:

Messenger supports audio and video calls from both the mobile app, desktop messenger website and Facebook site. Where as, the phone icon is for audio calls, while the camera icon makes face-to-face video calls.

If you are using messenger calling features on Wi-Fi, you can use the app or website to make free internet phone calls.

Send money:

Messenger is a simple way to send money to people using information from your debit card. You can do this from both website and mobile app.

To send money or send money to the app, use the money send button in the computer, or send a text to it, and then click on the price to pay the money or to open a prompt to make a request. You can also add a small memo in the transaction so that you can remember what it is for.

Play the game:

Messenger lets you play games inside the app or website, while in group message too. These games have been made so that you do not have to download any other app or go to another website to start playing with the other Messenger user.

Share your location:

Instead of using a dedicated app to show someone where you are, you can let recipients follow your location for an hour with Messenger's built-in location-sharing feature, which only works from mobile apps .

More features in Facebook Messenger:

Although Messenger does not have a calendar, it lets you create event reminders via a reminder button on the mobile app. Another obvious way to do this is to send a message that contains a reference, and the app automatically asks you if you want to make a reminder about that message.

From inside a message in the mobile app, Messenger lets you request a ride from your Lyft or Uber account.

The name of the group message can be customized, as the message may have the nickname of the people. The color theme of each conversation thread can be further modified.

Audio clips can be sent through messenger if you want to send messages without text or make a full audio call.

On a per-conversation basis, notifications can be turned off by the desktop version of the messenger and through mobile apps for the specified hours or completely.

Add new Messenger contacts by conecting your phone or your Facebook friends. There is also a custom scan code that you can catch from within the app and share it with others, which can later scan your code to add you to your messenger immediately.
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